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How upset would you be if your husband or wife lost their wedding band?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44147points) January 29th, 2019

Rick was prowling around the house this morning with a worried, distracted look on his face. I asked him want was up. Well, with the cold, his hands contracted and his wedding band fell off at some point. He knows he had it last night and noticed it missing this morning.

I’m not upset. It was an accident, but I sure would like to find it. I have no idea where to start! I guess we’ll just hang out until it shows up.

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I was very upset when I lost my own wedding band. I knew where it had fallen – I heard it “ping” on the kitchen floor – but I couldn’t find it. I wouldn’t vacuum nearby for a while, because I feared that the machine would grab and devour my ring.

After a while, I accepted the reality: a ring is just something symbolic, and its loss doesn’t change any of the underlying meaning. I bought a replacement. This new one actually looks nicer and fits more comfortably.

(Yes, the ring eventually turned up. It had bounced into the mechanism beneath my refrigerator and been caught deeply in the coils, cables, or whatever’s there. After the fire, we had to move the refrigerator to another room, to gut and replace the kitchen. All that jostling made the ring come loose and fall. But, I continue to wear the replacement version every day; it’s simply nicer.)

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Nice story @Love_my_doggie.

Did you hear about the lady who lost her engagement ring some where on the family farm. It was found 10 years later when her daughter went to dig up some carrots. It was wrapped around a carrot!

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It is always around his neck.

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I think we would both be upset if something happened to mine (I know I would be sick about it), but less if something happened to his.

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@Dutchess_III Amazing story and photograph!

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I’d be more upset if I lost mine because mine cost a lot more than his did!

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My wife lost hers and I could give zero shits about it. (Or is it I couldn’t give zero shits? I never get that right).

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It kinda depends on what the circumstances were.

If she had lost it while romping in the surf with the kids, that would be, “oh well.”

If she had lost it while romping in the surf with the pool boy while we were on our honeymoon, I think the marriage would be lost with it.

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A couple of days after I gave my wife her engagement ring she dropped it while she was showing her sister in her car. she did not see where but it fell into the crevice where the parking brake is mounted. She searched and searched and could not find it. Then I did as well and after a few hours I resorted to removing the seats, then the center console, then the most of the carpet….nothing. Finally I started to remove the parking brake assembly and found a tiny slot where it could have fallen. I used a dental mirror and a flashlight and located it between the metal floor boards and the frame. I had to make a grabbing tool to retrieve it with a string, spring and some stiff ground wire but I did get it without resorting to taking a sawzall to the floor boards. It was a saab so it was no picnic putting it all back together. I was not mad, understandable mistake. I don’t want to comment on how much the value of that car would have changed if the ring was never found. I did take an insurance policy out on the ring after that though.
I have like eight or ten wedding bands for myself and all total I may have a hundred bucks in them. I have lost one so far, no big deal. it’s a symbol and they’re not going to be pretty because I work with my hands a lot.

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Rings and no big deal for my wife and I.

Kids robbed our house a few years ago and stole both our wedding rings. We are both very active in competitive outrigger canoe racing and never wore our wedding rings. My wife doesn’t want another one. My wedding ring was my Grandfather’s ring. Impossible to replace that. I only wore it for the wedding ceremony. I never could stand to wear rings.

One less thing to deal with.

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Have you checked around the bed??? I lost my high school ring while sleeping one night when I was 18. I thought I had looked everywhere & several months later, I walked into my room & something sparkling under my bed caught my eye. It was laying just under the bed. I was shocked that the vacuum hadn’t swallowed it in that length of time. Put a stocking or a light sock over your vacuum hose & vacuum under the bed. The stocking/sock stops the vacuum from sucking it down yet holds it perfectly in place so you can see it. IF it doesn’t work, you’ll be out of nothing but a little bit of time.

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I guess it would depend on why it was lost. If it was a sheer accident…no problem. It was gross carelessness…annoyance. I would be more bothered if I lost mine as opposed to my wife losing hers. I didn’t get married to see a ring. I got married to see my wife.

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Yeah, we’ve checked through and beside the bed @LadyMarissa. It’s a water bed so it’s clear to the floor.

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I lost mine a couple months ago. I know it is in this house somewhere. My husband and I searched but could not find it. I now wear another ring he got for me one Christmas. I miss my wedding ring so much. I hope I find it some day. My husband was sad as I was/am, but not really upset. Nor would I be if it happened to him.

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@Dutchess_lll My Mother lost a special ring my dad had made just for her (not her wedding ring) & we didn’t see it for 4 years. She came out grinnig one day…she had found it in her lingerie drawer with the prong hooked to her favorite gown that she had worn & washed more than once in those 4 years. We have NO clue to the journey that ring took before she found it. Rick’s ring will just magically reappear one day!!!

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I figure it will.

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