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What happens if I don't get treated for Chlamydia? (If I even have it?) I'm a female?

Asked by anonymousmousie (151points) January 30th, 2019

I doubt I have it but what could happen?

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This will tell you what you need to know.

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I have heard that there are super strains of gonorrhea going around that are antibiotic resistant. I believe there may be fears of this happening for Chlamydia as well. My advice is to not try to self-diagnose from the internet and see a medical professional to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Hopefully it’s a benign problem, but don’t ignore your health. Best wishes.

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@gorillapaws It isn’t self diagnosed. I was diagnosed but my partner is negative

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@anonymousmousie If you were diagnosed, why didn’t they prescribe you treatment?

Also, it’s not possible for your partner to be negative. Your partner is lying to you (they don’t test employees for STDs in hospitals—Tuberculosis: yes, Chlamydia: no).

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I know he is. I told the doctor not to give me anything until I can secure a way to not tell my parents. I want to know what the cheapest med cost is

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If it’s too expensive I wont get treated

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@anonymousmousie “If it’s too expensive I wont get treated”

That’s crazy! You can become permanently infertile and get some serious long term problems. Talk to your parents! I promise they’ll be more mad about you not getting treatment than anything you may have done with your partner!

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I was a minor when I was with this man. He is 25. I really want him held responsible for this but he keeps denying. How much do meds cost? Is it under 50? For the pills only?

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This man has ruined my life in many ways. Yes this is treatable but I’ve already had this for like 7 months. And I never knew because he lied.

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So I probably already fucked up my body

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I don’t know the price. I’m not a doctor or pharmacist. If there is a Planned Parenthood near you, they should be able to help. I don’t know if you’ve done permanent damage to your body, but I would not assume that you have.

Why won’t you talk with your parents?

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They would kick me out. Like actually. They wouldn’t help with treatment

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Chlamydia is a bacteria. You need antibiotics. You so casually said “If it’s too expensive I won’t get treated,” which leads me to suspect you didn’t read the link @chyna found for you. It will not go away on it’s own. It will just get worse and worse until you will lose the ability to bear children. You put your life at risk.
If you are pregnant and wind up with chlamydia, it put the baby’s health at extreme risk.

I also agree with @gorillapaws. If your partner says he tested negative for it, he’s lying. You didn’t get infected all by yourself. He infected you. He needs to be involved in finding a resolution for it.

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I won’t pretend to know your family situation, but this is what I would say:

“Mom (or Dad) I broke your trust and I’m sorry. Last [August—or whenever it was] I had sex with [insert the dickhead’s name]. I made a bad decision and it was wrong. I have just found out that he gave me Chlamydia. If I don’t get it treated it’s possible that I could get sick and I might not ever be able to have kids as a result. Please help me go to the doctor. I’m willing to pay you back for any expenses in the amount of (some amount you know you can pay every month) per month. I am willing to accept any punishment you feel is appropriate. I’m sorry that I let you down and that I let myself down. I have learned my lesson. Please give me the chance to earn back your trust.”

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Is there no planned parenthood near you? You can get tested and prescribed meds there. Unless you are under the age of 14 most states are not required to report it to parents. I guess if you are on their medical plan they can find out, but you don’t need to be on a medical plan for Planned parenthood. Go get this taken care of.

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