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What is the cheapest overnight shipping service (FedEx, UPS, etc.)?

Asked by sophiabernhardt (4points) July 28th, 2007

I need to ship a big package across the country ASAP. Anyone have suggestions about UPS vs. FedEx vs. anything else?

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All the shipping sites have rate calculators to determine the cost and amount of time it will take to ship from your location to the address you specify. Comparison shop for yourself, dude:;=GetRates;=en

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check dhl

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i had purolator be late for two of my packages in the past and no sorry or refund. and miserable customer service. In Canada, DHL has the most miserable service people to deal with.

i ALWAYS would go fedex just because they rule (even if they cost a bit more). they are always pleasant, organized and make their deliveries as promised. and you can track online etc (and people actually ANSWER the phone with them)

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UPS all the way! Not only is it very affordable but your package will be in great hands! I only ship UPS because I want to make sure my things are protected and get to the proper location on time.

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