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What's the difference in Japanese between "idaro" and "narukodo"? (sorry, I didn't find any ideograms)

Asked by luigirovatti (849points) 2 weeks ago

As stated.

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Impossible to translate without the kanji.

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I Googled it, I didn’t find it. To find the kanji there’s an ideogram icon next to the word counter on Google Translate, down to the right. You click it, then you type the words and they translate automatically into kanji. You make the next changes.

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Naturally, you must set the initial translating language to Japanese.

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One means “fine by me”, and the other means “I understand.”

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I do not know what “idaro” means. “ii da ro” means fine by me. “Narukodo” is meaningless as far as I can tell. “Naruhodo” means I understand.

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