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What makes you truly happy?

Asked by ltoban (106points) 2 weeks ago

You define your own happiness! Own your happiness. What truly put a smile on your face?

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Playing the banjo.

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Golden retrievers
Solving a difficult challenge/puzzle
Helping other humans
Appreciating a well designed/crafted thing/software with subtle, well-considered details to discover
Floating in the waves at the beach
Watching things grow (excluding weeds)
Watching the wildlife in my backyard
Appreciating a great film/series/videogame
Snowboarding through virgin powder
Seeing and experiencing new cultures
Eating good Mexican, Italian, or Thai food
Tasting good wine/beer/bourbon
Driving my Model 3
Spending quality time with my wife
Cooking a nice meal (when it’s voluntary and not obligatory)

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Both of us working.

Being with my grandkids (who love me back, just as much. Awesome feeling.)

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Used to be rare but at middle age, the same feeling comes to me much more often now.

The feeling that as individual humans we have time? Well, we don’t.

Potentially being alive up to 60–90 years is not time. It’s a privilege. A one chance sneak-peek at life.

Realizing that truly makes me happy.

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Hillwalking, summer and winter
Cycling, mostly in summer
Looking out the window
Listening to music
Meeting up with my kids
Waking up in the morning and remembering I am retired.

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This morning I just felt like I was floating in bed. I kept falling back asleep and dreaming. I was becoming convinced that it had to be after noon I was sleeping so well.
I FINALLY got up…to my relief it was only 10:30. That was nice.

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