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What do you think of the following link? (in the description)

Asked by luigirovatti (849points) 2 weeks ago

I refuse to say anything on the matter. Speak for yourselves, and anyway the material speaks for itself.

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Fictional letter

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“Ultimately, though, what has emerged from these messages is a picture of a decorated astronaut with a history of eccentric views attempting, unsuccessfully, to set up a meeting with a high ranking and potentially sympathetic government official with either the help of (or influence from) both a metaphysicist and an advocate for a demilitarized space.

In Mitchell’s and Mansfield’s view, there is a straight line connection between signing a stronger space treaty and receiving information from aliens about how to create a form of energy that will save our civilization. What does not emerge, however, is any evidence supporting the quasi-scientific claims made by Mitchell or Mansfield, or that the United States Government is privy to any information regarding those claims.”


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