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I need help remembering this song?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 23rd, 2008

there is this specific song from the 60’s or so it starts with a woman singing shrilly like, they used it in a Simpson episode when Abe and homer Simpson went to Canada to get drugs (pills), i can’t remember the title, ugh.

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I think I know the song. Is it this?

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Here is an archive of all the 60s music used in the Simpsons. You can look the songs up by decade.

Happy hunting!

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I’m sorry peedub, nowhere close.

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It doesn’t seem to work, and i can’t find it, i need someone who is an expert on the simpsons.

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PW; welcome back.

@Wrestle; you can become our resident expert. We need one.

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Probably White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.

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i know every episode on the Simpson’s but i can’t think of the song. and can i get links please to simplify things. i need to know this song, please.

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Did you try White Rabbit?

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it’s maybe not 60’s maybe 50’s.

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Yes!!!, Yes!! that’s the one thank you!!!!! Thank you lefteh!!!

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No problem! And for your curiosity, it is 60s.

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Damn! then i was right, thanks. :)

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