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What ways do you suggest to reduce crime and promote transparency?

Asked by luigirovatti (849points) 1 week ago

No offense, but I’d prefer answers in, let’s say, practical terms, because, as the world is, it needs them now more than ever.

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Nothing. A world without crime is a world without ambition. It is stagnant, if people have stopped wanting things that are not theirs.

Crime, including murder, theft, deception, etc., are all part of the cycle of civilization. If overt crime doesn’t take place, it become covert and insidious.

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Reduce crime by working on alleviating one of the main sources. Poverty.

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To solve poverty, we should solve overpopulation first.

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Poverty has always existed, regardless of over, under or just right population.

And crime, as Emma Goldman once said, is naught but misdirected energy. As long as people have no productive avenues in which to direct their energy they will spend their energies in destructive ways.

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Poverty is an issue of resource distribution, not generation.
There is plenty on the planet for everyone to live comfortably.
The problem is that a group of a few have engineered a system that funnels those resources to them.
Every cent of profit, is money that was earned by the workers, but deprived from them.

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Then, you could say that at a certain point in history, people will be too much on Earth, and poverty will increase more still.

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Might be different from country to country. Is there one with the same population as the US for example and same economic state but lower crime rates?

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The problem with that thinking, however, is that societies such as ours, with smaller populations but massive wealth, consume a far greater proportion of the world’s resources than the societies we always like to point at as having too many people

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@Darth_Algar: So you’re saying it’s better to have less resources to more people, instead of more resources with less people?

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While the productivity of American workers has doubled since 1980 the benefits have gone almost entirely to investors and owners. This unfairness has led to people in full time work being unable to earn enough to live on and must encourage crime.

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Different and more lenient laws, would have massive benefits. Except for private prisons…

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Whaddya mean, except for private prisons? Sorry, joke. ;-)

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With our country as the laboratory, it’s pretty clear that the solution isn’t a prison boom. The justice system in this country has devolved to one best described as “prosecute the poor”, and freedom from incarceration is reserved for those of us left who can afford it. We need to take a serious look at societies where the “crime” rates are low and figure out why.

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I’m saying that we westerners, on the whole, are doing more to damage the planet and its ability to sustain our population than all the 3rd world countries we like to point at. The United States, for example, has 5% of the world’s population, yet consumes 25% of the world’s resources (if I’m remembering my figures correctly).

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