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What makes store owners cheap?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19437points) February 3rd, 2019

Like selling expired milk from an convenience store? Have you ever purchased expired food? Share your story. This time I got a replacement milk and didn’t need to pay any extra. I bought smoked oysters and they were all purple on the bottom. I got a full refund, but was put off buying smoked oysters for a decade. Good thing I checked before eating in the dark.

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Rotating stock all the time must be a real bitch!

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@RedDeerGuy1 they don’t sell expired milk on purpose, but they don’t check the inventory regularly. And they don’t sell it often enough to turn it over in time.

The store owner would have to hire someone to check the product. The margin on that stuff wouldn’t cover the wages. Stores like 7–11 only carry that stuff so that people will come by and then buy other stuff while they are there.

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@zenvelo I was told by an employee, at a convenience store, that one of the owners would put out expired milk deliberately, and couldn’t care less. He would sell the old stuff first before putting out the fresh stuff. Which caused a nasty cycle where all the milk would be bad before being sold. Naturally only the owners would get fresh milk and candy chocolate bars. @kritiper Yes I agree. I did like filling the colds beverage stacks.

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Given I have a strong stomach and do not like wasting food so I can shop a little differently if I’m in a small convenience store.
I tend to buy the oldest food I can so the store owner doesn’t have to throw it out. If it is something that I will eat in a day or two or if it is frozen I will even buy it even if expired – and not tell the owner! I figure I’m helping the owner.
If I’m shopping in a big store like Wegmans or Tops I will not buy expired food. I will, however, take the oldest milk, bread, or eggs.

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@RedDeerGuy1 okay, so that one owner maybe is cheap and trying to pawn off expired stuff on unsuspecting consumers. That isn’t the same as “What makes store owners cheap.”

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@zenvelo The owners have moved on. Hopefully it was just a one time thing.

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Greed makes them cheap and unscrupulous , and selfish.
Somewhere they learned to have power over there consumers by controlling what they get.
Today’s consumer is more aware of these tactics and thus shut out the bad ones.
Bad food equates to illness to you and your family.

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Small convenience store owners are not exactly flush with cash. They work incredibly long hours, have to pay rent, utilities, handle paperwork, order product, clean, pay taxes, stock shelves, etc. for a reward that works out to well below minimum wage. If they could afford it they’d hire a minimum wage employee to stand behind that counter. They can’t afford it. Think about this for a second. Would you trade places with that owner?

I figure they can use all the help they can get. That’s why I buy their old product and don’t complain if I see it.

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I used to work for a convenience store and saw a lot of “greed” . By the way as to the expired milk and other food..they just return to the supplier and get refund easily.

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There’s a restaurant in my town that combines water and soap in order to make the bottle of soap last longer, without having to buy more.

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