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Does anyone have any experience with hip problems? (details)

Asked by ellespark (516points) 1 week ago

Just left the Doctor, went because of some pretty unpleasant hip pain I’ve been experiencing the last 3 weeks. Never had any problems with my hips before. Xray showed “Femoroacetabular impingement” and I guess there are different kinds. So most people’s hip sockets tilt forward but mine tilt backwards and I may have a labral tear in my hip. What the hell. Does anyone else have experience with this? Or know anything about it?

Bodies are weird. I also have a little extra wad of hamstring muscle in one leg. With that and my weird backwards hips I probably should have been a swimmer or something instead of a soccer player back in the day. And I’m wondering if this is why it always feels like the tops of my femurs grind into chairs when I sit. I thought it was normal and chairs were just stupid.

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Read treatment : also at the bottom of page notable people who have:

Notable persons who have suffered hip impingement:

Alex Rodriguez, American baseball player[29]
Michelle Kwan, American figure skater[29]
Greg Norman, Australian golfer[29]
Greg Holland, American baseball player[31]
Charlie Morton, American baseball player[32]
Devin Mesoraco, American baseball player[33]
Isaiah Thomas, American basketball player[34]
Andy Murray, British tennis player[35]

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