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Does anyone have any experience with hip problems? (details)

Asked by ellespark (523points) February 4th, 2019

Just left the Doctor, went because of some pretty unpleasant hip pain I’ve been experiencing the last 3 weeks. Never had any problems with my hips before. Xray showed “Femoroacetabular impingement” and I guess there are different kinds. So most people’s hip sockets tilt forward but mine tilt backwards and I may have a labral tear in my hip. What the hell. Does anyone else have experience with this? Or know anything about it?

Bodies are weird. I also have a little extra wad of hamstring muscle in one leg. With that and my weird backwards hips I probably should have been a swimmer or something instead of a soccer player back in the day. And I’m wondering if this is why it always feels like the tops of my femurs grind into chairs when I sit. I thought it was normal and chairs were just stupid.

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Read treatment : also at the bottom of page notable people who have:

Notable persons who have suffered hip impingement:

Alex Rodriguez, American baseball player[29]
Michelle Kwan, American figure skater[29]
Greg Norman, Australian golfer[29]
Greg Holland, American baseball player[31]
Charlie Morton, American baseball player[32]
Devin Mesoraco, American baseball player[33]
Isaiah Thomas, American basketball player[34]
Andy Murray, British tennis player[35]

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