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If you could change just one thing about your pets, what would it be?

Asked by longgone (15285points) February 4th, 2019

Inspired by a discussion on whether the perfect dog exists.

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I would have them live longer—much longer.

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I would change our Border Collie Buddy’s markings from black & white to that of my football team’s colours, namely blue & yellow.

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Have them live much longer while being healthy as well.

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Prince would not have died and Frodo would not have been a biter.

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Our cat wouldn’t be having so many hair balls.

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Tiger fur would be cool.
He just needs the black stripes.

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They would stop having to go out to urinate and defecate.

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I’d like to have a dog who doesn’t need to be walked during rain, snow, sleet, or otherwise miserable weather.

I thoroughly enjoy my walks with Sadie during nice, or at least decent, times. But, man, this recent, arctic blast… I bundled Sadie in two warm coats, one on top of the other, yet neither of us was happy about being outside.

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That Dakota didn’t shed like she did.

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NEVER teach him to shake!

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I’d like a dog that respected my sleep time.

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That she would choose tiles or wood to go #2 instead of always using a rug.

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I would like for them to have the ability to talk. When they start yelling at every noise they hear I could possibly reason with them to get them to stop.

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I’d get my octopus back on a winning betting streak.

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