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Have you had any memorable meals lately?

Asked by Kardamom (31184points) February 5th, 2019 from iPhone

If so, what did you eat? Was this meal at a restaurant, or at somebody’s home?

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I had a very bland minestrone at lunch today.

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Indeed I have but if I tell you, chef will have my guts for garters…truly.

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The wife’s long time girlfriend and her husband were in town for a week, and we met up for a fabulous Persian meal on Wednesday, and our favorite French restaurant Sunday evening.

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@stanlybmanly I love Persian food. One of my co-workers is Persian, and she would often bring in food that she or her mother made. It’s so yummy!

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Yes, four cheese and tomato rolls last Friday while seated on a rock that overlooks the islands of Loch Lomond.

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^^Someone on here has a friend whose name is Bonnie Banks!

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Dim Sum in San Fran with a gelatinous friend.

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@flutherother I’m not sure what sounds better, the cheese and tomato rolls, or sitting gazing upon Loch Lomond : )

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@janbb, were there any gelatinous dim sum dishes?

I’m guessing you met up with someone whose name starts with Z?

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@Kardamom Yes to both. Soup dumplings and a Z friend.

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Arroz Chaufa a Peruvian stir-fried rice with egg, sausage, chicken.

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A delicious baby spinach, cooked beetroot and feta cheese salad, dressed with a remarkably good oil dressing.

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Visiting my mom, I made honey-soy-lime chicken thighs. Came out great. I will most definitely make it again.

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