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What category of your belongings best reflects you?

Asked by Jeruba (48489points) 1 month ago

What class of things that you own is the most fitting expression of who you are?

That is, not one particular item (a car, a teaspoon, a watch, a phone) but a grouping: wardrobe, jewelry, electronic devices, kitchen utensils, etc. If someone said, “Show me what group of your things best describes you,” what would it be?

For me it’s definitely books. For one person I know, it would be his photographs, and for another probably his collection of tools.

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All Things Kitchen – cookware, tableware, and linens. There’s nothing I love more than preparing good food and serving it on a beautiful table.

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Books. Definitely books.

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It is books for me, too. I have one bookshelf that is full. There are a few stacked on top, and there’s one stack on the floor to the side. I also have a Kindle with about 300 books in it, and some of those are complete collections from writers of the past.

My book collection says quite a bit. There’s Euclid and Plato on one shelf. On the shelf above that stand many works by Thomas Pynchon, which is just down the way from Anne Carson. I think I got rid of the Bible, but I still have a good translation of the books of Moses by a Jewish translator.

Can I add magazines to that? I only subscribe to two: the Paris Review and the Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide. I read each cover to cover.

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Sorry to be repetitious – books!

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My tools.

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Furniture. Most pieces are inviting and comfortable, and a few that are more formal.

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Most of my belongings have been destroyed, by floods.

I still have my masks though. Over 20. I have collected them for some time.

Masks are an important symbolic piece of the human animal.

People wear different masks, all of the time. Your “professional” mask. Your “happy” mask. Your “mean” mask etc….....

Some, never reveal their true face.

It’s why I prefer the night, from the day. When the blue mask goes away, you can really see what’s going on in our universe.

Many people don’t have the courage to take off all of their masks. So that’s all you see.

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I kept all of my report cards. I did care after all.

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My books. And my house decor.

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These days it would have to be everything decorating my bedroom walls, my walls are quite ‘busy’.

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My own writings and creations and game stuff, and cats.

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Unlike @canidmajor, @Hawaii_Jake, @RedDeerGuy1, @janbb, and @Dutchess_lll, I’m going to be totally different and say reading material. ;-)

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Music collection for sure.

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And me, @Brian1946. I said it in my details.

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Fragrances, especially the ones made from natural essential oils. Hehe or I just really just love perfumes.

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Because i’m a needy bastard.

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The fluther oeuvre.

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My friends? or my relatives?

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What does it mean?

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I too was deluded into believing my books the treasure of my lifetime. A lifetime of obsessive hoarding, when no one’s looking I still sneak into their vault like Scrooge McDuck to fondle and admire the glittering riches. The eldest grandson loved the vault when he was too young to know better. The big 1:16 scale panther tank is still intact after those days when the 2 of us crawled around on the floor with volumes piled and scattered to depict the wreckage of Kharkov. These days he still wanders into the room to smile at the dusty piles stacked on bookcases concealing the walls. He’ll be starting at Dartmouth in the Fall and I’m proud of him. But I’m even more satisfied that he’s a kind soul with the decency to not mention even once that my lifetime of hoarding is meaningless next to the gargantuan pile of baubles available from this silly little phone.

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Please accept my most superbly sincere apologies, @Jeruba.

I didn’t want to go all WOT with the names, and at the time, I felt that my joke attempt already had enough butts. ;-)

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It’s a good company, and I’m happy to be in it.

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Books and music, but more so the books. A glance-over of my bookshelf will give you a pretty good introduction to who I am.

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My pet supplies. Maybe it sounds weird, but all my china, linens, books, etc…don’t mean as much to me as being a good pet owner to rescue dogs/ birds.

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Since I want to be a bit unique and not say books, I’d say it’s the stickers and magnets on my fridge. They represent places I’ve been, things I like, causes I support and my bizarre sense of style.

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Probably electronic devices which store my photographs, diaries, browsing history and communications through email and WeChat.

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Oh yeah! Pictures. Thousands of pictures. And diaries galore. Some by hand many on the computer.

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But @tinyfaeryis it your books? I’m sure your library is unique.

Right now, this week, I’m trying to separate myself from dozens of books, probably more than a hundred (yes, I know, barely making a dent). Part of what I have to let go of is the extent to which I tend to identify with them. That and all the things I know I’ll never reread, or things I meant to read but haven’t ever yet got around to.

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@Jeruba Going through a similar struggle but I only weed out about 4 books at a time!

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@Jeruba I have moved a few times in the last 15 years. I downsized my library each time. It was very painful the first time. I had to get rid of some books I adored. Here’s a trick I tried that worked. I had a friend come over. He would hold up a book and ask me if I needed to keep it. Seeing him hold it somehow made me feel differently. I was able to let go of many books that I was not ready to when I held them.

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Well, I got one out today. Yeah, one book. Which would count for more if I hadn’t exchanged it for another book….

However, I do feel sure that books will still be around when everything that plugs in is dead. So even though I have and sometimes use a Kindle, I believe in print.

Sorry, thread drift.

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I rehomed several ancient books…..I gave them to my son. My bookshelves were so empty. I felt bereft.
My son works for a retirement community. One day he showed up with a giant box of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books! And you know how well they display! So my shelves are full again.
And yes, I had already read about every 3rd one at some point in my life.

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