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What OSX apps take advantage of multi-core processors?

Asked by loupus (146points) July 28th, 2007 from iPhone

I got a Mac Pro mostly for the onboard storage (up to 3TB over four drive bays). I'm certainly not taking advantage of most of my Mac's horsepower. It has two dual-core 2.66GHz processors, but how can I find out what apps actually use the additional processor cores? I've noticed some apps show >100% CPU usage in Activity Monitor. I assume that means they're using multiple cores. I'm particularly interested in speeding up video conversion (ffmpegx et al).

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ffmpegx definately doesn't (in Activity monitor you can get it to show both cpu's separately). However, you *can* run two ffmpegx processes simultaneously, and it'll cap both processors pretty close to full.

Most photo stuff seems OK with both processors, (Bibble Pro, Lightroom, etc.), and that's about all I do that's processor heavy.

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Handbrake is pretty good for SMP.
Aside from that one, there really hasn't been that much that's needed to be highly multi-processor efficient.

I mean, there is the obvious ones like Maya and Photoshop, but I think that you were looking for less specialty apps.

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@bpeoples: how do you make activity monitor display multiple processors? Are you talking about the four-columned graph?

Also, is there a way to launch two instances of an app other than using the terminal?

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