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Is it even worth it for me to take this job?

Asked by VirgoGirl826 (423points) February 6th, 2019

I graduated from college in December, and have been job searching for the past few weeks now. A few days ago I stumbled across a job that is perfect in every way; it actually has something to do with my major, it pays well, has paid training and everything…the only hang up is that it’s pretty far from where I live. Using Lyft I’d have to spend $40 a day ($20 to get there, $20 to get back). With the bus, I’ll have to take 2 buses to get there but I’d still have to use Lyft to get home since buses stop running after a certain hour.
I don’t have any family or friends that I know would be willing to give me rides.
Every other place I’ve applied to so far isn’t hiring right now and I feel like I’ll have a hard time finding another opportunity like this…

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It seems too expensive to take a Lyft daily. Can’t you find an apartment to rent, or better yet, just a room to rent to make sure the job and area works out for you?

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It’s worth taking. Maybe there will be someone you can ride share with once you start working. Maybe you’ll decide to move closer. A job in your field with a good salary shouldn’t be passed up.

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Grab the job. Then work on relocating to the area.

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Good jobs tend to be rarer than solutions to commuting issues.

They might even have someone you could carpool with, or there might be other people in the community who want to rideshare, or there could be a vanpool or something.

Or if you can drive, you could see about getting access to a car.


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$40.00/day, 20 days a month = $800.00; a car payment plus gas or, depending on where you live, possibly rent. Do any of the closer jobs have a monthly salary close to this job less $800.00?

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@rojo She said no one she’s seen is hiring now. This is the only job under consideration at the moment.

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@Zaku said it succinctly: a good job is rare. Commuting quandaries can be worked out.

There are many solutions to difficult commutes. You may love the job and decide to move to be closer to it. This will be a big adjustment for you, but it can be good, too. You may decide to buy a car. This is another big adjustment. If you find a good Lyft driver that you feel safe with, you may decide to work out an arrangement for that driver to take you daily for a lower cost. There are many options.

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The job sounds perfect in every way except the commute. A good job is a real find.

Do you have a driver’s license. If yes, you can buy a used car, after you’ve researched it online, with a loan and for a modest amount (“certified pre-owned car”). If not, some other Jellies have already suggested a carpool or rideshare arrangement; I don’t know where you live, but shared commutes are very popular and effective in my own area.

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Start looking for single rooms / rooming houses / weekly motel rates. Jobs are hard to find !

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I’d take the job & then go to work on taking care of the rest!!! Jobs are hard to come by this day & time & one that seems to fit so perfect would be a really big shame to turn down!!! With today’s economy, maybe there is someone who is willing to rent you a room for a reasonable fee. When I first moved to DC, I stayed at the YWCA until I could get the logistics worked out as to where I was going to live. Maybe you could buy a cheap, used car to use for transportation IF the living arrangements stay strained. I know you’d prefer a nice, new car; but, sometimes what we want & what we can afford are worlds apart. Since retiring, I can’t afford a nice, new car; so, I’m driving a car that’s 22 years old but it’s PAID off & I keep it in reasonable good condition!!!

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Let us know what you decide. Good luck!

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Why is everybody saying jobs are hard to come by. I heard yesterday our economy is booming and Trump has made American Countries bring back jobs and provide more.

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Are you interested in buying a car? Would you consider moving closer to the job?

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Thanks to everyone who’s answered so far! I have an interview on Friday and have decided that if I get the position, I’ll start saving up enough money so eventually I can either get a place of my own out there, get a place w/ a roommate, or find someone with a house who’d be willing to rent out a room to me

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Take the job, and then search for carpooling alternatives. Where I live, the state has a whole van pool program that matches people up by route and work hours.

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yes, take this opportunity and ask if the company will pay for relocating or give you an allowance to do so. If they feel that you are the right person for the job , they will assist you to relocate and work out a fund or repayment later.
Basically you negotiate letting them know that you would love to work for there company but… the matter of commuting is expensive and the relocating a problem finamcially.
They may offer to assist you or not, give it a try.

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