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What do you know that I don't, and should?

Asked by webmasterwilliam (160points) August 23rd, 2008

Where am I truley missing the boat in the knowledge game, that would make my life much better if I knew?

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Have you read much Shakespeare?

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How to definitely spell “truly”?

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@lefteh – I haven’t. Good suggestion.
@gailcalled – You’re right. I could always do better at spelling AND proof reading. Thanks.

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traveling experiences unwind your outlook on people and the world.

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Jesus kicked ass. And he loved everyone.

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@seVen – After visiting over 40 countries, I so agree with you. It always makes me happy to return to the USA and appreciate how much we all have.
@trumi – He did, and does!

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How to make better forecasts about the future.

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@daloon – You know how to do this? In what context? Weather, politics, financials, relationships? And how do I learn to do this?

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Travel is wonderful but it broadens your outlook (and not “unwinds”..that is a mixed metaphor.)

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Carry peace in your mind and in your heart.

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augustian – I am working on it. Trying to connect with the force of the Universe.

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@WEb; go outside, find a park or greensward and look, listen, sniff and touch. I live in one so it is easy to connect.

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@webmasterwilliam: it’s not hard. Read a lot. Pay attention to news.

For example, years ago, it was common knowledge that gas prices would go up some day. So, you ask yourself, how can I take advantage of ths? Well, the answer I came up with is to live in such a way that I wouldn’t need a car. I.e., in an urban area. Housing values in my neighborhood have skyrocketed up until the mortgage crisis, but they are still going up (not so fast) because people are abandoning the exurbs for more efficient living spaces.

Another example: savings. Do the math. Put away $10 a week starting at 18, and your retirment is assured, whether there’s social security or not.

Here’s a challenge for you: global warming is happening. How can you take advantage of that?

I’ve also been a futurist, professionally. The way to get into prognosticating positions, as I said above, is to learn, learn, learn. Get as much education as you possibly can stand. Then get some more. Educate yourself widely. It’s good to be an expert; but better to be an expert in many fields. Education is the most valuable thing you can get to make your life better.

Also, make sure you don’t neglect your creativity. Music, art, dance, poetry: it doesn’t matter. More than one is even better. If you develop your creative capability, it will make your projections about the future easier to comy by.

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@WEb – I live in Palm Springs which is a desert community. We are surrounded by nice mountains. I love hiking and seeing how much life there actually is in the desert. You just need to look. It’s everywhere. It also helps you reflect on how life survives in such harsh environments, and make comparisons to your own life.

@daloon – Very good insight. I like the sound of being a futurist. I love science and understanding things, whatever it is. Knowledge is never bad. Unfortunately what people do with knowledge can be. I believe the Universe has given us answers to issues we just haven’t had the skill to recognize. For example, everything around us is made of matter, which is energy. How is it that we allow 3rd world countries to hold us hostage because they have access to a single source of energy? We just need to figure out how to untap all the free locked up energy around us. Who’s got the key?

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When you tell someone they are cynical and they respond with, “I’m not a cynic, I’m a realist,” you can be assured that person is a true cynic. I learned that one from you NVOldguy

Oh and not only do yellow M&M’s not smoke cigars, they don’t have hands or facial features. They are however, a wonderful tasty treat that melt in your mouth not in your hand.

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work as if no prayer will help, and pray as if no work will help.

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People will always surprise you.

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Learn the enneagram. Nothing I’ve come across has been so eerily accurate about my own and others’ personalities.

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@Trustinglife – I just took the test at and they say I’m a type 7 and my variant is sexual. Interesting!

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Love and spend time with your family or you will regret it when they are gone.

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Understand the fundamentals of scientific inquiry. Basically how we discover and understand how the world works. Once you have that, you can grasp just about anything.

I’ll also agree with daloon, learn everything you can get your hands on.

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From Dave Berry:

Never lick a knife.
Never ask a woman if she is pregnant unless you actually see a baby emerging from her body.

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@PerryDolia Lurve for Dave Berry.

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