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What brand of flea collar do you use for your doggy?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) February 6th, 2019

My dog is struggling with fleas and I’m leaning towards a collar. Any help would be appreciated.

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I saw a vet show and they advised NOT to use a flea collar and showed the damage to the dog that it does.

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I don’t use the flea collar on advice of the vet. A friend of mine’s dog began having seizures daily & after many expensive tests with no definitive result, the vet suggested he take off the flea collar to see what would happen. After about 3 days with NO flea collar the seizures suddenly stopped.

For years I used the going flea meds recommended by my vet…the one where you put a few drops between their shoulder blades once a month. Last year that just completely stopped being effective. At the time I was getting into essential oils & I found an EO spray that claimed to rid my dog of fleas & decided to try it to see IF it would work. It wasn’t an easy fix; but after spraying my dog several times a day, he had NO fleas & I started spraying him less & less. I’ve also read that you can use Lavender EO on their bedding to help keep fleas off of them.

You might start with taking your dog to the vet for a flea dip & then choose a preventative to keep it free of fleas. I just would NOT use a flea collar!!!

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^ Oops, I forgot, I’ve also read that you can bathe your dog in the original Dawn dish detergent (blue) & then rinse them well followed by a vinegar rinse will keep the fleas off them. I discovered that during the winter months & I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t verify that it works. It’s been cold enough here that I won’t have to worry about fleas for a few more months; but, I do plan on trying this one!!!

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Soap will make fleas unconscious and fall off, but after they dry off they will jump back on. Better to get something from the vet.

Regular flea collars are just plastic soaked in insecticide. You would, essentially, be shooting bug spray on your dog every day if you used one.

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Ugh, no collars! Just use Dawn like @LadyMarissa says, then get a pill at the vets for permanent control. Much healthier for the animal. Dawn will actually kill the fleas, fact.

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