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In the state of the union address 2019 was the 10-Year Old Cancer Survivor Grace Eline wearing real diamond tiara and earings?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14561points) February 7th, 2019

Or was it costume jewelry? They were very sparkly. I have a link. She was a guest for raising $40K for childhood cancers. I would think that president Trumps daughter lent her them for the state of the union address 2019.

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I bet they are as fake as Drumpf’s spray-on tan and wig.
The other kid falling asleep, though, that was real.

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No, those aren’t diamonds.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Anybody who survives cancer, deserves and gets bling if they want it! And the blingier the better! ;)

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@snowberry I’m not judging. Just curious. I’ve never seen jewels in real life. I agree that anyone who beats cancer should have bling.

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There are actually quite a few synthetic diamonds that are even more sparkly than real diamonds. They are still pricey and impressive, but not as valuable as real diamonds. I cannot tell if those were real, but if they had been it might have been a little ostentatious.

Congressman Steve Cohen, from her district, snubbed little Grace because her family supports Trump. He refused to attend the State of the Union address or acknowledge her in any way.

Little Grace Eline raised large amounts of money at her school for St Jude even before she had cancer. She was quite remarkable even before she was a cancer patient / survivor, as is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital quite a story—founded by Danny Thomas for faith reasons, and going strong on private donations. No family ever pays for their child’s treatment.

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@Yellowdog – please cite a source for that allegation – “Steve Cohen snubbed”.. from a non-Fox media outlet.

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I don’t think she could afford real diamonds and there are thousands of Grace Eline’s out there who can’t even afford real medical care. What about them? Even St Jude’s can’t take them all.

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@elbanditoroso I do volunteer work at St. Jude I do not know.Grace personally but I know one of her chaplains. Steve Cohen is our local congressman. He refused to attend the SOTU and instead comes up with ridiculous accusations and plans against Trump. Radio Host Ben Ferguson reported that he refused the invitation to the State of the Union address, even with its Memphis / St. Jude representation and that one of the patients (from out of state) would be recognized. and this is affirmed by her chaplain, a woman I have known for about thirty years and is not a conservative.

Hatred of Trump is an all-consuming passion that makes people irrational and irresponsible.

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@Yellowdog so, it is hearsay and not confirmable.

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“Hatred of Trump is an all-consuming passion that makes people irrational and irresponsible.”
Same for lovers of TRUMP just sayin’ ^^^ @Yellowdog ^^^

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~~~~ Also heard ttha watching only Fox News and reading only Breitbart News Network website can cause a 15 to 18 point drop in your IQ.

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Per hour.

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I don’t think she was wearing a tiara. Instead we used to call them headbands. It’s an elasticized piece of bling worn around the head for decoration or to help to keep the hair out of the eyes. They often have some sparkly kind of bling to make them look fancier. They are seldom covered in diamonds but diamond looking paste. Whatever she was wearing, it looked cute as a button on her!!!

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