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If I file medical bills from accident on my health insurance can i still be reinbursed those amounts?

Asked by kathy (1points) August 23rd, 2008

Was in a accident 1 month ago, driver ran red light and I t boned her. My car was totaled, went to emergency room and have been seeing my private doctor and going thru physical therapy at his office. ( had brusied chest from air bag and lots and lots of muscal spasams). Car was totaled ( only had it 6 months). To see my private doctor I either had to pay cash (which I didnt have because of all the x rays and cost of physical therapy) so i filed with my health insurance thru work. Will they reinburse them or me? Thanks for anyones advice.

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The best person to answer this for you is your insurance claim adjuster. The rules will vary depending on your state laws, your insurance policy, and whether the other party was determined to be at-fault for the accident. I hope you feel better soon… good luck!

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i know in NY state it’s “No Fault” and no fault insurance has no copays and you can go to any doctor you want. i was in a car accident once, and when i filed the claim, the insurance company sent me a letter with a number on it, and when i went to the doctor i showed them the letter and it had all the info on it (name of insurance co, account number, etc). my regular health insurance company told me they would pay nothing having to do with the car accident. if i were you i would not do anything fraudulent, like trying to get paid from two companies. i would definitely check with the car insurance carrier about what you can do to get your physical ailments looked after.

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