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Study architecture abroad?

Asked by loukas (97points) February 8th, 2019

I am a graduate from University in South Korea, Majoring in Architecture. Now I am working in one architectural firm in south korea. I am thinking of my master degree in other countries but dont know where is the best place for my further education. I also still now sure if i should continue my major field or not. anyway, if i want to go for architecture degree where should i go? I am thinking of Australia and Europe. and how much should i save to spend for my living and education fees? Any chance to get scholarship from those school? or what should i prepare for it?

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There are some European universities with extremely low tuition even for foreign exchange students. And Europe is a very interesting place, not least in architecture.

Whether or not you should or not seems to me more a question about what you want to do with yourself. Do you find architecture is something you would enjoy doing? What is your uncertainty about?

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I found it is interesting to do it while sometime i found it is a boring stuff for life. Architecture is cool but take it as a future career it is kind of difficult.

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Yes, I think most modern architects tend to end up just doing routine work rather than being able to be creative. So you might give thought (and listen to your feelings and intuition) about what you might actually enjoy doing in future decades, and if there is more than one, maybe try taking a class or two in those subjects to get a taste for what they are like in detail.

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