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What does it feel like to be drunk?

Asked by anthony81212 (389points) August 23rd, 2008

I have never been drunk. That’s not to say I haven’t drank alcohol, just that I haven’t had enough to be drunk, or maybe that I have a really high alcohol tolerance. Anyway, what does it feel like to be really [actually] drunk?

It would be great if you could explain in as much detail as possible, and possibly explain the steps leading up to drunk-ness, so I can stop before I throw up!

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Go to a bar and get drunk. That will give you a good idea.

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You feel stupid.

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As far as stopping before you throw up…just stop drinking once you’re drunk. You will know it when you get there. You’ll lose some feeling, get sorta dizzy….
You’ll know.

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I loosen up a little, I get kind of happy, a little dizzy, and I slur a lot.

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@ lefteh, I’m not exactly drinking age where I live yet..

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Neither am I Tony. Also the feeling of awkwardness is obsolete.

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Nor am I. Are you in a decently sized city? That would help.
Alcohol isn’t that hard to find.

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It starts out feeling really good (the tipsy stage) :silly and lovey, and progresses to great (the drunken stage): happy, funny, slurry, and overly affectionate, then quickly proceeds to horrible (the VERY drunk stage): dizzy, wobbly, then down on the bathroom floor, head in the toilet.

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I’ve only hit the horrible stage a few times. You just gotta know when to stop….

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it’s a very fine line, sometimes

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@ lefteh, I am in a big city (2,878.52 km²!)

I’ve seen people drunk, and when I tell them to stop, they say that they’re not drunk! Is that normal?

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Yes, because it takes a bit of time for the alcohol to set in.

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I know many, many people who, when clearly drunk, insist that they are not. This is why so many drive drunk…they truly believe they are fine. Judgement is severely impaired in a drunken state.

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Thanks all, I think I have understood a little more than I had 25 minutes ago. But now another question

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One can experience what it feels like to be drunk without drinking, by just waking up from surgery.

The feeling is similar.

August 23, 2008, 3:58 PM EDT

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I’m a much better person drunk. I strongly recommend it.

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No you’re not.

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You don’t know him like HE knows him.

August 23, 2008, 5:08 PM EDT

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No, he pretty much does….

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I stand corrected.

In my orthopedic shoes.

August 23, 2008, 5:14 PM EDT

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You feel lightheaded, and lightweighted, and sorta dizzy, and hazy, and blurry.
Everything is funny, anything is possible (Don’t try and stand up on a fitball when intoxicated- no matter how good you think you are :P)
You can get hyper and you don’t care what people think nor do you really think forward to the consequences, your brain is purely in the here and now.
If you need to pee you pee, and you don’t bother to shut the bathroom door and you hum to yourself while on the toilet. Or if you’re desperate you just go in a bush, depending out how drunk you are.
You can get depressive but hopefully that’s just a little tantrum that will pass.

As to what lefteh said,
As far as stopping before you throw up…just stop drinking once you’re drunk. You will know it when you get there. You’ll lose some feeling, get sorta dizzy….
You’ll know.
In my experience, it doesn’t happen that way. The more you get drunk, the more you want to drink because you don’t think you’re drunk yet. So before you start drinking, only have with you what you know is your limit, or less than your limit and drive it into your brain how much you will drink and no more. It doesn’t always work, but it’s good to try to be a little bit responsible.

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Not much difference… things get extra funny

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Alcohol, by its very nature, affects people in vastly differing ways. We could each of us on here describe in minute detail what it’s like when we feel drunk, and could even hold constant the ounces of alcohol we had each consumed at any given time, and STILL the types of experiences would be as many as the drops of water in the sea.

The best you can do is to try for three things: 1) as was suggested above, try to control your environment a bit, and 2) overcome your fear of the hangover, and 3) and understand that EVERYone has a different point at which they decide to term themselves “drunk”.

Think of the numerous words meaning (essentially) similar things: tipsy, buzzin’, woozy, drunk, wasted, hammered, smashed, pissed, destroyed, marinated, saturated, and gone. To name just a small few. People will invariably choose different times at which they believe that they are one or the other of any of these descriptors.

As for number 2, life is about balance: feeling like crapola in the AM is directly proportionate to the awesome that you felt the night before.

..Now of that is not to say that one shouldn’t always seek to know more. And thus, I will write you some verse on the subject, to foreshadow your future joys:


From the grain, from the grape, from the apple or the pear,
Came a drink to be drunk, with songs to be song, and merriment to share -

Down the hatch! Drink forty-eight laps! Now the sweeter smelling air..
Drink up lads! Sis boom bah! Now the girls are looking more fair..

Off to the head, to drain out the lead, with the door left swingin’ wide,
We’ll sing out the songs of the Irish throngs as we squeeze past a blushin’ bride,

Back to the rap, and the chug! chug! chug! of the cups and the table on its side,
Then off to the bar – You’re a Super. Star. The drinks flowin’ in like the tide.

Marvel at the size, of the bar girl’s eyes, as your mouth turns truth into words,
Soak up the gaze; she appears in a daze – your intellect soaring like birds,

She agrees to lunch, but her phone’s in a crunch, ‘neath a truck on the 832,
So you sail away – Callooh! Callay! in elephant search of to do..

The table sways as the music plays; the feet thump! thump! the rumble –
Rhythm set – skin and sweat – dance and fret – the drink to drink! ..and tumble

The street smells sweet – the air smells fresh; girls in taxis: laughing. flesh?
Trees in floors – seas behind doors – grass in the stores – mind is mesh.

Garbled sea foam in the fridge, on the right – to the left of the cable repair man,
I’ll find the room, and the broom, and stoom, and the flewm and strewn on a rock,
Near the sock and the shock drop stock top knockin’ in a row all to go to the so so so.

…Awake in the morn’, with the sun and a stutter, then a slow inescapable shudder,
...Awake on a bed: foreign, unknown. Surroundings are new, and memories: blown.



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When you’re drunk, the main feeling is that everything is uncanny.

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you will not remember what you did or did,n do but what ever you do not drive anything not even a trycicle you will be hurt

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can’t remember

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@cripet: that depends from person to person. I always remember everything, however many of my friends can’t remember what they did if they drink just a few beers. It’s really different from person to person.
(well, there was this one time, but that was extraordinary, and that’s another story)

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I’m with wilhel. I’m always the person telling my friends the next day about all the stupid shit they did. They’ll say things to me like, “You put this note in my pocket! Isn’t that funny? What were we thinking?” And I’ll tell them the whole story.

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It’s the greatest thing ever! and my #1 recreational hobby haha

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You feel amazing and freakin’ invincible. Or you overdo it and wanna puke till you start losing organs.

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Most people think that if a few drinks make them feel good then a lot of drinks will make them feel even better. But that’s not true. Although a few drinks will make them feel better, more will make them feel worse. It’s called the biphasic (or two part) effect. Understanding it can help you stop before getting sick. A graphic illustration of this effect can be seen at

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you pretty much start to feel like a superhero. when you feel like you can travel to different planets, that’s when you want to have a few more just to up your game and give you that boost to an extra planet. throwing up ain’t a problem because… well you’re a superhero, remember? a few drinks on top of that might allow you to travel through time. should def. consider that. i’ve done it a few times and it’s that ultra classy drunk move. good luck!

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