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Are rats considered comfort animals in the 20k mansion?

Asked by filmfann (49163points) February 10th, 2019

Can we all welcome WestRiverrat into the house?

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Welcome into the house.
Congratulations, @WestRiverrat, on reaching 20.000!!

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Whoa! Didn’t see you a-comin’ there, pard! Welcome, and congrats!

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Can I say Congo Rats without offending? I’m glad you’re here, and not a bit surprised! You’re a wonderful contributor!

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Congrats but WestRiverrat was last seen in the pool almost 5 years ago.

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20Kongratulations wherever you are. It’s now safe to enter the mansion – the rat traps have been removed and replaced with large blocks of cheese.

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Yikes, things are getting RATTY here! Well done dear Riverrat! Enjoy your stay. Just keep that green serpent in your avatar out of the Mansion before we have fainting episodes!

Let’s party!

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What’s in a name? Congratulations!

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majQa’! pa’ maH pol!


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Cooooooograaaaaaatssssssssssss…rat from west riveerrrrrr…. :)

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