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Does your local university have a two strikes you are out policy?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13702points) 1 week ago

Where if you get under 3.9 / 9 Grade point average twice then you get banned from all universities in your province or state for life?

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No. A 3.9 is just .01 from an A. It’s a perfectly acceptable GPA. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.75.

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It would be impossible to get a 3.9 GPA in your first semester. If you had four classes and 3 A’s and 1 B you’d have a 3.0. If you had five classes and one B, four A’s you’d have a 3.25. Actually my math is probably wrong but you get the point. It would take at least forty courses to get a 3.9—all A’s and one B. By the time you’d get there, you’d be kicked long ago out if 3.9 or less got you banned.

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Oh. So does that equal an F on our scale of 1–4? If so, the answer is still no. They can continue to attend any school and keep throwing their money away. School doesn’t care.

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Hey, I’m not good at math. But it’d be hard to get a 3.9 one’s first semester.

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That is a 43 on a 100 point scale.

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In my country it’s 3, it used to be 2.75 back in the past. Having a score multiple times below that has no effect on your future admission in other universities. Even if you fail you can essentially bribe the internal persons here when you’re having academic ‘problems’, just do it under the table, that’s tacit ruling. If you want to graduate easier come here to Indonesia.

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I ended up with a C- GPA (1,66) after my first quarter at the University of California, and was put on Academic Probation. It took me two more quarters to get off probation. You were allowed two quarters to bring it up to 2.0.

A friend ended two semesters at Chico State with a 0.00 GPA. They kicked him out . He had to go to Community College for two years and then transfer back to Chico Stae.

I am surprised if the Canadian schools ban you from all schools for not succeeding at one of them.

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Does Canada/ your providence do free schooling? If they do that would make sense. They don’t want to pay for someone to fail.

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I’ve never seen it called “two strikes you’re out” but sure, you can flunk out of college. Anyway, I would think that is past history for you and no point chewing over now.

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People don’t get “banned for life” for poor academic performance. Thye may get asked to leave for a year, or to do course work at another school like a junior college, but not banned for life.

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The worst that happened to me was when I was failing English in college. I’ve always been a good student, things came easy for me, science, math, reading, writing…no problem, man. But English just kicked my butt. So I was failing it in college. The teacher pulled me aside and suggested that I opt for a pass/fail while I was still ahead with a D! :/ So I did.
I had all As and Bs in all the rest of my classes.

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