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Would you risk your life to save a criminal?

Asked by luigirovatti (850points) 1 week ago

Let’s say you’re a police officer. If a criminal starts to fall, he clings to the ledge of, say, a building, but loses one hand. He asks for help. What do you do? If you don’t help him, the criminal may lose his grip, fall and die. If you try to help him, he might use your grip to pull you forward and make you fall. What do you personally do?

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You attempt to help him.

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Shoot him. Then claim that he resisted arrest.

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While he falls? That’s unlikely.

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If he falls before you can shoot him, why shoot him at all? That’s just plain showing off- -a REAL crime!

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First, you call for backup. That’s the absolute #1 thing you do. As an officer you should never go into a situation with a perpetrator alone, if it can be avoided.

Second, you try and help him, even at risk to yourself. The policeman is not the judge or the jury. The policeman’s role is to protect and serve, not to make life/death judgments.

This isn’t even a difficult question.

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Yes, always call for back-up!

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First, do something to make yourself safe. Second, help him.

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I reprogram the simulation so that it’s possible to safely rescue the suspect.

i.e. What @linden112 wrote.

That is, in a real situation, there are details, and those details present risks and opportunities to adjust those risks. If/when I can adjust the risks to my satisfaction, I rescue the suspect.

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Don’t put yourself in danger. Render assistance IF POSSIBLE but don’t stick your neck out!

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That would have to depend on the situation. If there are people inside the building then the criminal can possibly harm them or take a hostage once he has successfully climbed up on his own, in that situation letting him fall can be permissible. If the criminal is a very important person that can lead you to ‘big fish’ or more information about them then helping him should be considered. We’ll have to measure the height of the building, if it’s not that high then letting him fall should only get him a visit to the hospital, which is a safer solution. There are many factors coming in to play here.

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If the officer is on the clock, they are obligated to help.

You could offer the falling person something like a belt. Then if they try to take you with them, you let go….

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