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What does it feel like to be hungover?

Asked by anthony81212 (389points) August 23rd, 2008

A continuation from this question , what does it feel like to have a hangover? I’ve heard it’s BAD.

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Depends how old you are.

I would say it goes from tolerable to really shitty, as the years pass.

You might feel a little off or you could feel like you’re seasick.

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Kinda like the flu, but without the temp. Also, loud noises bug ya.

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When you are hungover you are dehydrated therefore water from your cerebrospinal fluid moves in to the body to try and compensate. This results in there not being enough fluid to cushion your brain from banging on the walls of the brain box which causes the pain. The same effect can be achieved by having a lumbar puncture and sitting up directly afterwards. (When we say stay lying down for an hour afterwards we mean it. Believe me you only make that mistake the once). Alcohol also irritates the lining of the stomach causing you to be nauseous. (to put it another way your body has decided you are an idiot and are trying to kill it so trys to stop you adding any more poison to the problem). Then there is the fact that you probably drunk so much you wake up still drunk causing the room to spin etc.

So to sum up you’re massively dehydrated have a headache so bad it makes you want to kill your self and every time you try to take some pain killers or drink some water you throw it up a couple of minutes later.

Also you should bear in mind that if you drank enough to do this to your body you were nearly at the limit of causing acute liver failure and or actually killing your self with alcohol poisoning so you might want to ease up next time.

So to sum

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the one time I had a hangover (I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t get them unless I drink almost toxic amounts of alcohol), I felt like I had the worst motion sickness ever unless I was laying down with my eyes closed. I always felt right on the verge of puking.

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@ Lightlyseared – WOW! Nice answer!

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Lightlyseared – you are such a boozer! j/k

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depends on how much you’ve been drinking and what you’ve been drinking. Beer=tired
Spirit=sick and a lot of puking +tired

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Headache, nausea, tired, and mentally wishing you were dead.

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it feels like a truck drove over you
its really not all that fun having to stick your face in the toilet all night

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For my 24 year old self, the experience is like being able to taste your body and feeling like your bowels are trying to kill themselves.

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I have lost count the amount of times whilst experiencing yet another horrible hangover I have said to myself that I wouldn’t drink again. I guess it’s something you have to be prepared to put up with if you fancy having a drink or two or 10.

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@jamjar just wait till you get the bill for the new liver. That will give you a head ache.

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shitty, I feel you must experience this for yourself so get crackin!

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Like being hit by a truck but without the bruises and shattered kneecaps.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra well, they often come aswell.

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It feels like your brain and stomach are fighting to the death.

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Like a 200 pound body builder is jumping on your chest, and when you close your eyes you’ll feel nauseous even more! UGH you’ll hate it

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You don’t want to know!!!

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