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What are your ultimate dreams that you wish to fulfill before you die?

Asked by luigirovatti (2865points) February 13th, 2019

I’m sure that somebody between those that are following my questions, and my activity in general, are wondering what I like, what I’m like, etc. Well, I’ll answer some of this. I like believing in anything that is useful to me, (I don’t bar anything ;-) ) I like illusions, the fog, I like the dreamworld, and I’d like to not suffer while I die. Personally, my personal heaven (while I still live, obviously, maybe someday it’ll be possible to open portals to other dimensions, who knows) would be to go to Silent Hill, without monsters of course, just food and liquids. The necessary to withstand the cold; and prize the snow which turns into ash (courtesy of the movie, no sweat); communicate with the others in the other dimension (for those who don’t know, Silent Hill is a FICTIONAL (then, must exist in this dimension, am I right?) city in the USA, a ghost town with monsters). Maybe explore a world made of fog, and coolness, and illusions, (see “Shattered Memories”). To lose myself in this world of weirdness…

But I digress. What do you answer to my question? I don’t bite, don’t be shy.

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I don’t get you.
Might be me, but I don’t.

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The most precious and beautiful thing I’d like for my life is peace and happiness for myself and the people I love, which is why I’m a realist. I don’t watch things happen, or talk about things happening, I MAKE things happen.

As a realist, I do like to escape the real world sometimes and I love fantasy. Usually I read a sci fi and watch history and documentaries.

What do I think of you? Well you seem young and probably male, and maybe live too much in fantasy worlds, because it’s hard to relate to some of your questions, but I’m over 40 so could just be the age difference haha. I’m sure you’re very nice.

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@KNOWITALL: If you are a realist, how do you propose to go to Silent Hill, just to ask?

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Go to Centralia, Pennsylvania, perhaps?

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@luigirovatti Oh, that’s too depressing and gray for me. I like sunshine and color.

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I love fog and illusions, too.

I am terrible at plots for stories, maybe because I do not live in the real world enough. But a lot of the fantasy fiction I write has to do with dreamworlds where people meet in dreams, each person individually dreaming. I also write a lot about houses and places, even towns, that appear or exist in the fog and seen like an illusion—but can be gotten to if you enter at the right time or place.

You might enjoy reading some H.P. Lovecraft stories about the Dreamlands,

I love fog, snow, abandonment, isolation, and silence. But I do also like cozy places amid the subtle shades of grey. Silent Hill was gloomy even in houses.
You and I share that love of fog, grey, and night. I find it cozy and ethereal on such days, especially in winter and prevernal spring.

Need a practical application for this love of the ethereal, eldritch, fog and ghostliness? You might make a great writer. Not many people really grasp the dreamlands and otherworldliness.

Read some H,P, Lovecraft stories about Kingsport. You’ll love it as much as Silent Hill. Not precisely the same concept but you’ll like it. Lots of bells and fog. and too close proximity to the dreamlands. Read The Strange High House in the Mist.

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This question has changed since I posted. But from the gist of it, I recommend that you read some H,P, Lovecraft, especially anything by him about Kingsport, such as The Strange High House in the Mist.

Strive to become a writer or work with roleplaying games (if anyone still does that) which deal with themes involving The Dreamlands

Places that seem similar in ambiance or something hard to define, such as style or geometry or vibes, may be in closer proximity than you think. Maybe they are the same in The Dreamlands. In some places the veils of time and place wear thin and you can cross over. Writers in the past have written of waking dreams and portals to dreamlands, it seemed to be a special genre in fantasy fiction in the mid- and early 20th century and late Victorian era. Silent Hill is awesome, too. The idea of one locality existing in two or three or more dimensions at once, and having the place change from one to another at random times and places is pretty awesome ,

Read as much as you can of these genres, and experience the eldritch atmosphere in the fog and in strongly ambient places.

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