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What kind of weapon would you mount on your dog?

Asked by ragingloli (46757points) February 14th, 2019

It would be one that is directly controlled by the dog, for example, a small turret mounted on its back, or small guns fused to the sides of its face.
What kind of weapons would you trust the dog with?

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Wow, fun question! I would trust my good old lab with pellet guns, she’s great, rarely barks or gets upset at anything. Except an occasional cat that slips into the backyard.

Now my Teddy bear, he gets a Nerf gun, terrible temper tantrums. The other day I tried to swat him off the bed so I could change bedding, and he kept howling like I was trying to rip his tail off or something.

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The TV remote on its back, to have the power to find it for its owners.

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I would prefer a condiment saddle on a good sized dog with a good disposition. He’d be a big hit at picnics.

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A canine-human language translator, so we’d know exactly what Sadie’s demanding of Paul.

It seems that I’m the parent, the one who gets both love and respect. Sadie’s a ladylike angel around me. Paul’s a whole other story; she frequently barks at him, very loudly, because she wants a dog treat, to be taken outdoors, to be patted and played with…her needs are endless. It would be so much simpler if Sadie could simply state her demands instead of barking.

(I think the dynamic is that I’m the only parent, and Paul’s the boyfriend. I feed Sadie, brush her, take her for long exercise walks, bring her to the vet…all that responsible stuff. She’s very grateful and loving to me. She has a massive crush on Paul, though, the guy who doles-out snacks and obeys her every wish.)

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Usually I prefer another dog.

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My last dog was a weapon; he didn’t need any extra artillary.

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Have you been reading the We3 comic strip by any chance?

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The question is – does the dog make the decision to attack or fire? Or is the dog only a weapons platform, with the decision to fire still in human hands?

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As I made abundantly clear in the details, the dog directly controls the weapon.

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@ragingloli In that case I would not trust that dog…he would very well eliminate its owner.

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@Inspired_2write – he would eliminate all squirrels and cats that he saw.

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