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What movie did you love that everyone else and the critics hated?

Asked by Snoopy (5798points) August 23rd, 2008
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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I didn’t think it was that bad, but apparently the general consensus is that it was boring and definitely Wes Anderson’s worst movie.

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I can’t think of a movie because I don’t really pay attention to the critics with movies. But I loved the Broadway musical Taboo and the critics slammed it.

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The movie “Serendipity” (2001) with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale as the lead characters. But I usually enjoy most movies that the critics bash and dislike the ones the critics rave about. But yes, this is probably considered a “chick flick” or “sappy” but I looked beyond the surface and found it to be a really nice, “feel good” kind of movie that actually has a good ending for a change.

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@Crayon; Hell yeah! It is easily my second favorite Wes Anderson movie, after The Royal Tenenbaums. Why does everyone hate it?

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Marie Antoinette. I think it’s superb.

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@Trumi: What a coincidence! The Royal Tenebaums is my favorite too! Heheh. As for The Life Aquatic, I don’t know why it was so disliked. Then again, I don’t know why some movies are so well like. I shrug my shoulders and all that.

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@tiny; Mm… Not historically accurate, weird soundtrack, and I just didn’t care for the editing… But the costumes and cinematography were incredible! Good acting too.

@Crayon; Totally. And come on, don’t you just love the dolphins with cameras on their heads? And I think all of the actors did a superb job, especially Cate who I usually don’t car for. Most attractive pregnant woman I have ever seen.

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No one said it had to be accurate. Did I miss that in the question? I loved the soundtrack. The best of underground 80s music.

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The movie that I loved and that the whole world thinks is a pure crap is Lost in Space. The plot is unbelievable. Litteraly. The acting is average at best. CGI are definitely last-century. But I like it nonetheless. That scene when Matt LeBlanc says “rock n’ roll” before diving through the collapsing planet is priceless.

Ultraviolet is another movie that I liked, mainly because of the beauty of the colors. It was visually awesome.

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I think mine would be the new century remake of the cult classic Wes Craven’s Shocker

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Hate to say it but Glitter, with Mariah Carey. I think I liked the music more than anything but I kinda liked the story too. I could watch that movie a billion times….

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well I’m a rocky fan and though this wasn’t his best one but I loved rocky 5 don’t get me wrong I love that they came out with a better last rocky, it’s just rocky 5 show what happened when all of the money disappeared and how the family stayed together bumpy road but stayed together.

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oh yeah everyone hated it, rocky 5 that is and talked about it being his worse one ever.

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I love Lost in Space too! I didn’t realise the world hated it :(

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Star Wars: Clone Wars

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‘Howard the Duck’
‘Last Action Hero’.

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I loved the Life Aquatic. I even had to get the soundtrack.

I also really liked Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It’s totally a fun movie even though the main speaking character is very dim-witted, and yes there are a whole lot of tasteless jokes. The whole movie is worth it just for the scene about “Good Will Hunting 2”. If you’re familiar with Matt Damon’s and Ben Affleck’s prior movies, you’ll just about piss yourself laughing at that scene.

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@wilhel1812: I love ALL Kevin Smith’s movies that I have seen to date.

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I’ll have to second, third or fourth the comments about Life Aquatic, Royal Tennenbaums and Jay and Silent Bob…three stellar movies that don’t get enough respect.

My favorite that no one really seems to have heard of, I guess you’d call it a cult classic that certainly didn’t capture the fancy of either the critics or the moviegoing public is an early ‘90s movie (I think 1991) called The Dark Backward. It stars Judd Nelson, Bill Paxton, Wayne Newton, Lara Flynn Boyle, James Caan and Rob Lowe. It is the story of Marty (Nelson), a nerdy garbageman by day who dreams of becoming a stand up commedian and practices his humorless routine at open mic night, and Marty’s accordion playing friend Gus (Paxton), his fellow garbageman who practices all manner of grotesque perversion, such as licking the breasts of a dead woman he found in the dump, or making out with three 500 pound plus ladies simultaneously. The film has the feel of a future gone horribly awry (think Robocop, where you’ve got these catchphrases for products that don’t really exist, or maybe Futurama). The whole thing is very dark and perverse, and only becomes more strange when Marty wakes up one day with a lump growing out of his back. Marty’s Dr. (Caan) is useless, putting a bandaid on the bump and telling him it’s nothing to worry about. Each day the lump gets bigger until it turns into a fully grown third arm. Gus helps Marty exploit his newfound deformity by hooking him up with a sleazy talent agent (Newton) who gets him booked on a TV show starring a local personality (Lowe). Unfortunately, as quickly as the arm appears, it disappears, leaving Marty in the lurch, until he finds the key to success as a commedian…talking about his life experience now gives him an abusridst routine to which audiences are actually surprisingly receptive. It’s a weird, weird movie, but never before have I seen someone so expertly craft such a strange and perverse atmosphere. It’s a very dark comedy and not for the faint of stomach, but well worth a viewing.

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I loved “Galaxy Quest,” starring Tim Allen as the dissipated ex-star of a tv science fiction series. I always thought trekkies had a little alien in them.

And “The Life Aquatic” is gorgeous, funny, and fantastic. One of the few I watch over and over.

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Saawariya. I don’t speak Hindi, but I love it, from what I understand it did poorly in India and only slightly better internationally..I think it’s beautiful. Oh, yeah and Galaxy quest I agree with. And Spaced Invaders. And The Royal Tenenbaums.

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The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
I really enjoyed it, but it was too quirky for most of my friends and family.

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@left: Oh man! I forgot about Buckaroo Bonzai!


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-and Remo Williams, the Adventure Begins! dang it

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The Saw and Hostel movies.

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critics hated the royal tenebaums? i really loved it. fight club was pretty widely hated when it first came out, but that’s one of my all-time favourites.

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The Village. In my mind, it is the most misunderstood film ever made. The idea of people hiding away in a secluded “fantasy” world where nothing ever advanced past the pioneering days to get away from the “evils of modern society” is just fantastic, that and the invention of a domineering evil to keep the young from straying or asking questions just made it brilliant. The trailers all made it out to be a horror film, which completely destroyed it’s hidden message as people weren’t expecting a social experiment film, they wanted blood, guts and screams.
Also all of Kevin Smith’s films as well, pretty much anything he does is solid gold in my books, especially Dogma.

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