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Are there are any incriminating/shameful photos in your yearbooks?

Asked by Demosthenes (8800points) February 16th, 2019

All this talk of blackface and boofing made me wonder if there’s anything I wouldn’t want the media to get their hands on in my yearbooks.

Other than some embarrassing photos (one of a girl picking me up—I was very tiny as a middle schooler and one of me with a bowl cut), I don’t think there’s anything too shameful.

Although, I remember in kindergarten we had a “popcorn powwow” where we made construction paper “Indian” garb, including feathers and a headband, all the little white kids dressed as Native Americans (and eating popcorn). That was just the late ‘90s. I don’t think that would fly nowadays. There is one picture of it in my elementary school yearbook! But I don’t think I appear in the photo.

What about you? Would any of your yearbooks doom your political career?

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Is incriminating being seated on the ground at a high soccer with a paper cup held up with someone pouring cider into the cup? ? ?
Just asking ! ! – - The cider was local fresh crushed and squeezed three weeks earlier (guess it was about 5% alcohol).

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I don’t remember it was me in that photo.
But the photo was bad.

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Not in any yearbook. There were some taken at fraternity parties in the Seventies that would get some people booted from office nowadays.

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No. Even way back then I was very conscious of the future.

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Just the usual proof of dorkiness.

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The wife has pics of me naked which she keeps for fun, but if ever our relationship went south, suppose they’d make for decent bribe material.

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Here me and my brother are shooting game; if I remember correct it was a black bear.

And here, unbeknownst to all around me, I’m making a, what could be interpreted these days as indecent, decent gesture to my classmate M. D.

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Guess you’d have to be there because I dodn’t see the “indecent gesture,” @rebbel.

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Hell, they didn’t even INCLUDE any photos of ME in the yearbook.

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I was one of the yearbook photographers so I got to submit the incriminating photos. ;)

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Not that I can remember. There might have been photos from the senior trip to Florida. I didn’t go, but there was plenty of partying, I don’t remember if there was maybe photos in the yearbook of some students with beers in their hand, that might be possible, or I might just be thinking of photos that were not in the yearbook.

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