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Entrance Ideas?

Asked by NecroKing (328points) August 23rd, 2008

I made it to a school to train for the WWE and I have been accepted to join 5 years from now in the ring!!! ohh..Wrestle is so going to be pissed, anyway he has chance but I need an idea for an entrance a good one, memorable, Wrestle has his planned out already, but I’m asking you smart people for help on this.

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who is wrestle? What name do you use in the ring?

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Oh Wrestle has dubbed himself already, The Crow’s Hangman. I dubbed myself The Devil’s Noose, see we come up with something similar cause we want to start out as a tag team.

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Well in that case I would suggest Godsmack- either whatever or Voodoo maybe, what do you think?

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Voodoo, a good idea, How about I stand alone?

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“i stand alone” is not really a good one for a tag team…
What about White Zombie- thunderkiss 65? Or an even better song would be Insane Clown Posse – Hokus Pokus (the version on the great milinko cd, not the music video version)

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I like the Death theme song from lords of magic, it fits with our persona.

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