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What will the next step be in the Trump emergency?

Asked by elbanditoroso (25132points) 1 month ago

I am wondering if he will:

1) use an emergency declaration to take over all news media (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.) that disagrees with him?

2) Put the National Guard out on every street in America to ‘keep order’?

3) Force bookstores to burn all books that do not show him fealty? And force Amazon to stop selling ebooks that don’t show him proper respect?

4) Make all forms of birth control illegal, by presidential edict.

5) Turn off the internet so that he can control who speaks to who?

When you declare an emergency, you never have to say “I’m sorry”.

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The thing to be dealt with is that Trump’s crowd is gradually improving at manipulating the levers of governance to malodorous purposes. The blatantly stupid blunders like the Muslim ban & child kidnappings grow more infrequent, but the hidden behind the curtains destruction rendered by such creatures as Betsy DeVos proceeds apace. I think Trump is going to have a tough, tough time erecting his wall, primarily because unlike other Federal projects, there will not be a single nail, board foot of lumber, unscrutinized contractor or loose dollar bill over which the Congress won’t be waiting in ambush to haul him in for accounting. I’m damned near gleeful at the prospect of Pelosi, a woman tougher than the nails she will employ to affix him to the cross, directing the wrath thus far withheld from the jackass.

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Did anyone watch his State of the Union Address?
He was calm, rational, focused, and clever.
Nancy, however, spent the whole time chewing her cud and cueing her kkk, I mean, her ladies in white.

By the way, there won’t be any lumber or nails used.

The wall is being equipped with motion sensors, and subterranean detection.

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@Patty_Melt She was scolding a misbehaving adolescent !
He keeps patting himself on the back for all his dictatorship moves, Putin must be coaching him. Wait until your grand-kids can’t get fresh water or clean air. The people that elected him have sold out, people in the future will go to National parks to see the photos of what it was like before he sold mining rights for oil shale and metals.

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@elbanditoroso I think if Hillary had won the election, you might have seen these things. Her campaigns conspiring with the FBI and DOJ to plant spies in the Trump campaign, her pay to play scandals, Uranium being sold to Putin in 2009 with hundreds of millions kickback to the Clinton Foundation, and the manipulation of votes using Russian lies (the Dossier, which her campaign paid for) are truly terrifying and unpressidented in American history, as is the coup against a sitting president, which is only beginning to be exposed in full.

But this is Donald Trump, who is working closely with the border patrol, local residents and law enforcement to get border security for those who so desperately need it.

You can choose to ignore the caravans, the murders, the drugs, and the needs of those who are effected by the ‘open border’ concept. You can ignore the fact that, up until now, the funds were approved under the Bush and Obama administrations that have gotten the current state of construction done. But why should this cease, just because you hate Trump? Aren’t the needs of national security and the needs of those who live, work, and die defending the the border there, more important?

@stanleybmanly — Muslim bans and child kindnappings? Do you have any idea how many Muslims travel and even seek refuge in this country each day? More Muslims than anyone else. If I recall, Trump put an end to child separations that were started by Clinton in the 1990s and peaked under Obama. Convenient lie, but nobody believes it.

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@Yellowdog – your response is utterly non-responsive to my question. Enough propaganda.

It seems like the right wing response to everything is “what about Hillary?”. She lost. You need to stop using her as a crutch for your own incompetence.

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Just saying that Hillary and Obama were far more about control than Trump. You might have had to deal with such militaristic government control and PC regulations under Hillary, but Trump is more concerned about getting real things accomplished for the benefit of the nation.

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@Yellowdog You can ignore . . .
That Trumps sez . . . he “is working closely with the border patrol, local residents and law enforcement to get border security for those who so desperately need it.”
Lies all lies !
Out his mouth come nothing but lies. You can and will believe the lies because you want to believe them. El Paso’s mayor was upset over Trump’s painting El Paso as he did. Border Patrol disagrees with the WALL and local residents will have their land just taken away because Trump needs to appease is base.

Cicrlular logic of “We need a wall because we need a Wall just doesn’t cut it.”

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LOL Obama and Hillary again and again to deflect from Comrade trump. Deplorable!

The next step to trump’s national emergency is more chaos and treasonous acts by this Russian asset. And trump supporters cheering as the country self-destructs. MAGA!!!!

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Please, please stop blaming Hillary! You don’t know what she would’ve done because she wasn’t elected. If that is your go to answer for everything Trump, then please stop answering.

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The weaponization of the FBI and DOJ certainly stand as a remaining example of the Obama / Hillary administration, and sound much more like the controls @elbanditoroso attributes to Trump in his original question.

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Wow, what class, @Patty_Melt.
“Cueing her kkk, I mean, her ladies in white.”

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@Yellowdog I have plenty of gripes about Bill & Hillary, particularly when it comes to issues of self aggrandizement; but nothing either of them ever did or promoted can compare with the straight up naked meanness in Trump’s approach to ALL aspects of immigration.

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It’s the same old right wing mantra.

“If you don’t have a sensible answer, blame Hillary.

I’m beginning to think that any answer by any Flutherite that refers to Hillary Clinton is, prima facie bullshit.

Back to the matter at hand. I’m wondering what super-boy Miller is cooking up in order to make immigrant lives worse.

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Emergency? Pah!!
In 1995, a drunk Boris Yeltsin was found outside the White House wearing only his underpants trying to hail a taxi so he could get a pizza (true fact)
Now that was an emergency…of sorts at least.

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The subjugation of anyone taller than him.

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Following the burning down of the White House by illegal immigrants Trump declares a national emergency suspending civil liberties, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly and suspending the Fourth Amendment.

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I don’t think any of the 5 listed in the original Q will happen. I hope I’m right, but I admit I’m not going to bet money on what I think about it, because I don’t feel sure.

I don’t know what’s next. I’m hoping for no natural disasters, and hoping other leaders chill for the next two years, so the White House doesn’t have to engage too much. I know Trump will stir things up anyway, but hopefully things that are not too big of a deal.

I think one big risk right now is Justice Ginsberg having to leave before Trump is done with his term.

I think once the wall starts being built that topic will calm down, although I hope some people and groups stay on top of it.

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