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Will there be protest marches against the Wall?

Asked by LostInParadise (25508points) 1 month ago

It is not looking good for stopping Trump from getting money for his Wall. The Democrats in the House will vote to stop it and there may be just enough votes in the Senate, but there will not be enough votes to override a veto. The lower courts may block the construction, but I don’t see the Supreme Court, given its conservative slant, going along. That just leaves the general citizenry, most of whom oppose the Wall. Might we see protests, like there have been against pipeline construction?

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There are local protests today. I am going to one.

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Many states have protests going on at 12 Noon today

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@Yellowdog “My question is, what is the protest about? Why does anyone even care?”

Well, for starters:

* My personal least favorite is abolishing and undermining any environmental protections.

* Practically all of Trump’s appointees are unqualified corporate shills and/or his own relatives acting to undermine the functions they were appointed to oversee.

* Being a corporate tool himself and arranging for as many corporate giveaways as possible.

* Undermining US international relationships and generally horrifying and insulting our allies around the world and being a general embarrassment.

This is a pretty good list of some of the better reasons to protest There are only 546 of them because it’s just the ones the authors felt were the worst.

* He invents random wrong crap to say and/or lies constantly.


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What wall? The non-existent one?

My view is that protests don’t mean much – not very effective. If anything is going to stop the despot in the White House, it is the political and judicial process.

Trump could care less about protests. And the weak-assed republicans just go along.

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There were reportedly many protests, with thousands of people involved.

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Protests only work on people that care about what other people think.
The Orangutan would rather napalm the protesters, before he even considers listening.

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Thanks all. After posting this question I saw news reports about protests. Would people be willing to physically block construction if legal and political action fails?

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People have been tying themselves to railroad tracks to impede trains transporting nuclear waste.

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No, we don’t need no education…wow, a triple negative!

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