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Did Joe Biden accomplish what he needed to accomplish in his introductory speech?

Asked by lefteh (9419points) August 23rd, 2008

I thought he did a fantastic job, aside from starting to call Barack Obama “Barack America” three times.

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Didn’t catch it. Have a link?

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i missed it because i wasn’t near a TV. am waiting for it to be uploaded on youtube.

as a sidenote, i really like this new pro-obama ad.

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That speech was amazing.

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Here is Biden’s speech.

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He did exactly what he was supposed to. He made Barack Obama sounds like just another working class guy with the right stuff. He hit the four more years button quite a few times, very effectively tying McCain to the current Bush Administration.

I am hopeful.

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Thanks for the link, Marina…I hadn’t seen it either. I think he did a good job of talking up their blue collar backgrounds, too.

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