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How many months or years will it take to build the wall that Trump wants?

Asked by JLeslie (61199points) February 19th, 2019 from iPhone

I was thinking this morning that if Trump loses the next election we will probably have a half-built wall and the next administration can put the Kibosh on it if they want.

Is there already an approved detail for the building of the wall? Where it goes and land and materials are ready to go? It seems to me it will take much more than 20 months to get the whole thing done.

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It’s a fictitious wall, at best. The cost of building it, should deter it from ever existing. If it were remotely effective, it would have more deviceive support.

It’s a waste of time, and tax payer dollars.

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^^Doesnt really answer my question. Are you saying it will never be built? There is no real plan?

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Take into consideration that most of that land is owned by ranchers, etc. They are not just going to hand it over. Now starts the process of buying up that land. It will take years to come up with prices the land owners will accept. I don’t see this wall being built for years, if ever.

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I think it will be bogged down in law suits and permits and will not get built at all. However, taxpayer money may be spent defending those law suits.

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There appear to be at least two things that will delay the wall, or permanently block it.

1) a metal wall with slats? A concrete wall? Some combination? They need to figure out what the primary construction will be.

2) they will have one heck of a time in the courts, as @chyna says, dealing with issues of land ownership, confiscation, eminent domain, and so on.

I think there is a plan – it’s called “wing it”.

One thing you can be absolutely sure of. It is going to cost at least twice what the estimates are (probably $50 billion or more).

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It depends on how many construction companies get involved, sans any holdups.

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It may take many years because of court proceedings, before the first shovelful of dirt is dug.
I don’t think it will be a wall while Trump is in office.

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I think it is unlikely to be built at all…

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There is a homeland security report which estimates three years.

I was unaware that borders are privately owned. It makes sense to me that borders should be government property.
While I have compassion for the poor lady whose only land ownership is one acre, which happens to sit on the border, I think government ownership should have prevented that long ago.
Why doesn’t the government own our borders? Does anyone know?

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They can “imminent domain” anyone’s property. Lots of people lose their land over that.

You would think that the government would own a few hundred feet of all it’s borders.

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@Patty_Melt The Russians/East Germans owned the border at East Berlin… Is that what you mean?

They also had a “deadman’s zone” they shot and repeatedly shot after they were dead… anyone that tried to cross the zone.

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I just feel like it would reduce confusion with some land issues.
No, I don’t mean a barren shooting gallery. More like national parks, making borders wildlife preserves or something of that nature.

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@Patty_Melt Where are the monies coming from to buy, control and maintain ?

Taxes increase?

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Coyote enslavement.

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Well shoot. Lots has already been said on the subject. I figure if none of the sensible explanations have appealed to you, you might like one that would fuel some of that liberal indignation.
Coyotes are traffickers who smuggle illegals across the border, usually in very shady deals. If coyotes were rounded up, enslaved, and forced to work hard labor to repay for their transgressions, that would fulfill the promise, “Mexico will pay for it. ”

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*H U H ! ! ! *

Maybe a stray Martian or some other planet or . . . .

You’re not making sense !



Well shoot !

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He never said a check would be written for a few $B. Anyone expecting such a thing is too dumb to vote.
There are many ways to make someone pay, and our president has those skills.
People need to quit acting like they are so literal they don’t get it.
We have a president who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, pays his own bills, wants to use his skills to give back to the country which gave him the opportunity to be rich, healthy and free, and if he can fool around at his age in consensual sex, I gotta applaud that.

We have an awesome president, and people just wanna cry because they are butt hurt they didn’t see it coming.

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His track record on paying bills “jumps off the tracks” with 7 bankrupts or so.

He has a bad habit of reneging on paying his sub-contractors for Billions of dollars.

He whores around and pays them off.

He maybe your hero but in the future pick a better hero!

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Lots of men pay their whores. If they don’t bad things happen to their goodies. All of that is between his wife, his women, and himself.
I’m done here, since you obviously function on feeding from the media nipple.

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BUT ! BUT ! he’s your hero @Patty_Melt how could he do these things and be your hero ? ? ?

Oh he’s punishing the liberals EYE C !!!

He stiffs his sub-contractors on a regular basis when he runs out of money on a project, maybe he’s using the money for whores.

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