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What's a good upgrade for my MacBook Pro hard drive?

Asked by andrew (16456points) August 23rd, 2008

Any recommendations? I’m sick of running out of disk space.

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Any 2.5’ drive with a SATA connection would be good. Look for the capacity that you want, and a good warranty.
On the other hand, if you want a fast drive, a SSD is good.

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you could just get an external HD and dump all of your larger files on that. I bought one to dump all my movies and stuff on so my HD is relatively empty compared to before.

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Check this one out.
Scroll down to the hard drives section.
Do you have the 15’’ or the 17’’. max for 15’’ is 320gb, the 17’’ can handle 500.
how much disk space do you have now?

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I have 100GB, but I’m strapped for space and want to install a copy of xp and ubuntu for testing w/ parallels—so I’ll need an extra 40GB at least. I’m thinking a 250GB will be fine for the life of this laptop.

All I’m really looking for is an upgrade that uses the least amount of power, is quiet, and has at least comparable speed to the fujitsu in the computer now. Any suggestions?

On a side note, OWC is based in my hometown… they’re down the street from me and were my internet provider when I was a teenager. Small world!

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