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Join me in saying good bye to the Monkee Peter Tork?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26316points) February 21st, 2019

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You young-uns won’t recognize the name The Monkees, but this group was one of those rock music fads that shine real brightly for a year or two and then faded away.

Tork was one of the originals.

Are you saddened when the musicians of your youth start dying?

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Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. My eighth grade English teacher had grown up with him so we were all rather proprietary about his career. Our crushes were reserved for him alone, and we were all secretly relieved/disappointed when our teacher married another. <sigh>

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I had such a crush on Davy Jones when I was little. I enjoyed the show. This is sad news.

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I guess it’s the Last Train to Clarksville. Another reminder of mortality.

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It depresses me when musicians of my youth dies.

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So long, Pete! It was good to have you along on the ride!

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Hey hey we’re the monkees, people say we monkey around….

Not a big fan, but I watched a lot of the re-runs. RIP sir.

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It’s no longer depressing when MOST of them are dead. Inevitably you adjust to the reliable news of another one gone. By now it’s almost comforting to be able to yawn through that nagging little voice incessantly chanting “better get ready”. So long Peter. I’m a believer.

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To me he is still aged about 24 and in the best of health. It isn’t sinking in that he was 77 years old and is now gone. The Monkees was one of my favourite programmes in the sixties. Farewell Peter Tork, my youth goes with you.

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Too soon, can’t tork yet.

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Good Bye Peter ! I took a college class with Professor Thorkelson at the University of Connecticut, Peter’s dad.

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Gone too soon.

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He covered a Carole King song that I liked. “Take A Giant Step Outside Your Ming”. Very 60’s

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Good bye Peter. I can’t lie, my heart belonged to Davy Jones but you were second sometimes.

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