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Can you get a half cold?

Asked by janbb (56335points) February 27th, 2019 from iPhone

One side of my nose and face is clear, the other nostril and ear stuffed up. Is this a cold, allergies or what?

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Did you sleep too hard on one side?
Or maybe it’s a physical manifestation of the war between your angels and demons?

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Sounds like a sinus infection, warm compresses on forehead and face; while laying on your back on edge of bed with head hanging off. I’d explain how I know . . . .

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My guess is it’s the beginning of a cold that hasn’t finished manifesting itself. I’m so sorry to hear this.

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Yes, sometimes it only affects one side.
I once got an infection on one ear and side of my face that put me in the hospital for nearly a week. I thought it was a simple ear infection like I get every other year or so.

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I’ve had colds start like that.

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A friend recently said something I thought very telling (and somewhat relevant).

“If you think you have the flu, then you don’t have the flu. When you DO have the flu there will be no doubt in your mind”.

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@janbb I go through this most nights. Well, not the ears but certainly the nose. I have to sleep on my side and whatever side is down usually clogs up. Change sides and that side opens by, I guess, draining down to the other side. Very irritating but if I lay on my back I snore like one of @canidmajor ‘s demons screaming out invectives at the warring angel, which usually results in a swift kick from the other side of the bed.

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@rojo. Yes, I have something similar most nights too but this is nowclearly a cold although still worse on the left side.

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