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What is wrong with my snapchat and instagram?

Asked by Akame009 (227points) February 28th, 2019

About a few months ago I got snapchat and added my boyfriend. Well about a month ago we tried to snap each other and his snapchat would not show up on my phone. Our conversation was gone, when I searched for his snap it would not come up, and when I took a picture of his snap icon snapchat said they could not find this user. But, we looked at his phone and his snapchat is still running and he is having the same issue with me on his snapchat. Then about a week ago I reinstalled my Instagram and yesterday I was following him. I could look at his posts, search his name and he would come up, and DM him if I wanted to. But, this morning when I got on Instagram his account was gone off of mine like it was never there. I can’t find him when I search for him and he is not in my following lists. We have not blocked or reported each other on either accounts. I have contacted both companies, but neither one will respond or fix the problem. Is there anything I can do?

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“We have not blocked…each other…”

Looks like he has blocked you but doesn’t want you to know, and is putting the blame on the apps and not himself. Snap and IG are separate and apart, so a problem on one would not carry to the other.

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True @zenvelo. Though we just got the Instagram fixed, but I have access to his snapchat and he does not have me blocked on his account and I don’t have him blocked on mine.

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