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Where can I find a good and accurate documentary on John Quincy Adams?

Asked by sketchstudios (87points) August 23rd, 2008

I want to find out where I can locate (either on DVD, or online) a documentary of John Quincy Adams. Something of PBS or History Channel quality too if possible.

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Not a documentary, but the movie released this year, John Adams
was fantastic. It is based on a biography.

3 DVD set.

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thanks, although I was looking for John Quincy Adams – his son :)

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—oops you beat me to the punch. I was just going to point at that the movie is obviously centered on John Adams…..but you will at least get some info on John QUINCY Adams, his son. He is portrayed throughout the movie and you will learn how he got his start in politics….His initial travels overseas on behalf of his father, etc.

Worth a watch to get info on his son.

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actually I already watched it and yes it is indeed a good movie! Its one of the reasons I would like to find out more about John Quincy Adams to see how the story continues (so to speak)

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Let me know if you do find a good one. I am very interested in JQA being in the running for the Anti-Masonic party.

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Did you guys ever find this? I’d also be interested in watching it.

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