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Kavanaugh and Jackson’s accusers have no corroborating witnesses, should they both be not believed?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26678points) March 3rd, 2019 from iPhone

As asked.

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I believe the winesses in both cases, because they were very specific about what they say happened.

I have quite a few female friends who were raped, at various stages of their lives, including one who was 14, and one who was 16. They don’t say things like, “I was raped at 4:16 PM on Tuesday, January 21, but they remember the day(s) as if it were yesterday, and what the guy said, what he did, how he smelled, and how much it hurt, and how ashamed they felt.

I know two people (adults now) who have only recently shared their experiences with being sexually abused as children. I’m pretty sure they have no idea of the date, or time, or how many times they were accosted by their abusers. They were children and probably didn’t even know what was happening to them at the time, but as adults, they know what happened to them was wrong.

Were there any witnesses? Most likely not. Rapists and child sexual predators don’t usually do their dirty business out in public, nor do the victims take detailed notes.

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Which Jackson?

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Just because they don’t have witnesses does not make them liars.

Seriously, how many women take an extra person into the room where they’re expecting (or not expecting) to have sex.?

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Sexual assault cases rarely have any corroborating witnesses, so other factors must be examined: are they consistent? Have they changed their story multiple times? Can they recall specific details? It’s always going to be based on people’s word, so there’s only so much you can do to determine whether they’re telling the truth or not. I don’t believe in “believe by default”. Listen by default and weigh the facts to decide whether to believe.

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To “not” believe them would make them a victim once again.

Are they to take a lie detector test to get one’s understanding and compassion completely?
They were innocent children in the hands of a pervert who manipulated them into secrecy and now that they fully understand what happened, they want to protect others who may be in this same similar trap.
It must be very painful to disclose to another person let alone the general public.

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If you mean Michael Jackson, I think there are some differences between the two. The accusers on Kavanaugh didn’t have corroborating witnesses, that is partially true. But one of them tried giving corroborating witnesses to just agree with the basic story…that they were in the same place at the same time. That couldn’t be done either. Additionally, there were a lot of people that came out and said Kavanaugh’s behavior at the time and since did not match up with the wild-man descriptions he was being accused of. Then the FBI did yet another background investigation and could not come up with anything to confirm the allegations.
With Michael Jackson, the accuser was actually a child’s father and not the child. Again there were no corroborating witnesses, but when asked to describe Jackson’s unexposed areas, the child was able to do so fairly well. Splotches about the same size and location on the penis and buttocks. But oddly there were also inconsistencies. Also, Jackson’s sister, LaToya came out and made allegations of pedophilia against Michael about this same time. These allegations later proved to be false and she confessed her abusive husband had put her up to it. But combine an allegation from parent, a fairly decent description of parts of his body that shouldn’t be known, and a allegation from his own sister and it looks like there is at least a case. It did go to court and he was found not guilty.
The problem with these cases is that as public figures, there are those that will make false accusations for a variety of reasons. Does that make the accusers false? Not necessarily but it is something that has to be considered.

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Rape and sexual abuse often have no witnessss

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