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If you were God, what would you do?

Asked by Irukandji (4424points) March 4th, 2019

And if you are a theist, why do you think that God hasn’t done it yet?

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Send another flood and start over.

Well He promised not to do it again.

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Every waking moment, from my heavenly throne, I would gaze upon creation, and behold the creature that is Donald Drumpf, and wail into the endless abyss: “I murdered the Dinosaurs for this.”

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Save every child and answer every prayer.

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Not a theist, nor a deist, nor a believer of any sort.. But leaving that aside to enter that religious world of utter fantasy, I’d make everything as nice and as fair for all the sentient species on Earth. (I’d also make all of the humans fair and just, and empathetic.)

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Delete humanity entirely.

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I would slap myself in the face every time trump says the words “fake news” and “wall.”

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@Irukandji If you were God, what would you do?

I’d oblige theists to invent cunning excuses for my unbelievable behaviour.

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Before allowing reproduction i’d require a means test that included passing certain minimums for intelligence, income ability, addiction resistance, and physical strength.
Not everyone should have kids.

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Amidst much thunder and lightning, I would announce from on high the damnation of all those who are knowingly destroying, by means of climate change, the world I created.

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In a distant galaxy I’d create a new Garden of Eden without serpents or apple trees. It seems obvious in hindsight.

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I’d redesign humans. So many minor improvements are readily seen.
My pet peeve is the routing of waste urine and reproductive sperm through the same plumbing.
Those are two highly critical functions. Surly an extra 150 grams of material could have been devoted to redundancy and elimination of cross contamination. I’d put the second or waste penis below the first or reproductive penis.

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You know that both penises would be used for the deed regardlesd.

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Self destruct.

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Probably. At least that way a threesome would make sense.

I would also remove “pleasure” from the reproductive act. That aspect was important back in the stone age when people didn’t know or understand the mechanics of reproduction. It’s the 21st Century. We know where babies come from. I’d redesign the system with a valve in the prostate that has to be physically engaged, quite painfully – on the order of childbirth pain, before a live payload can be delivered. Something along the line of twisting the testicles a number of times to force the payload into a delivery chamber.
Both parties should be equally committed to the act.

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@LuckyGuy Geez, remove the pleasure of sex?? Then the sex act would become work. (Especially when trying to get it up and maintain it throughout the act.) Guys would have no reason AT ALL to get together with females. But, in time, that would satisfy what I said earlier on this thread…

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…..NO reason at ALL???

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I repeat: NO REASON AT ALL. We’re not stupid, ya know…

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U r in SO much trouble!

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@kritiper I would only make it be work if both participants were doing it with the intention of having children.
If the act was for play only I’d allow it be pleasurable. My goal would be to eliminate unwanted or surprise pregnancies and only allow them in couples who would make good parental unit, at least during the instant of inception.

I’d also redesign the pulmonary system so it was a flow-through design rather than splitting its operation time between inhalation and exhalation and requiring the air mass flow to inefficiently change directions so many times per minute.

I am also sorely dissappointed in the poor efficiency of photosynthesis. Currently plants are only convert solar energy to sugars at a paltry 1.6% efficiency rate. That is pathetic waste of resources.
If I were omnipotent I’d replace chlorophyll with another chemical agent that would resulting a process with at least a 20% efficiency rate. Heck, mere mortals are already pushing 22% with silicon/germanium solar cells. Surely an all powerful being could come up with something better. (But not 100% – that would violate the laws of physics.)

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I would bring back magic. I would allow higher than lv 9 spells. So called epic magic. I would give the power to make changes to everyone. I would allow ability score increases to be easier and unlimited.

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I remember my old German Shepherd after I got him fixed. He would smell some bitch that was in heat and go running over to her to check it out and then stand there with this stupid look on his face like “What the hell did I come over here for??”

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I would create another God, a BFF God who can laugh and cry with me as we watch the game of life on earth that I created some years ago for my entertainment. Nobody likes to go to the movies alone.

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