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Paper orientation?

Asked by noitall (156points) 2 weeks ago

Is it just me, are must there be something fundamentally wrong with brain of anyone who would consistently and purposely install rolls of toilet paper on their rollers with the paper’s end feeding down from behind the roll—instead of the way any rational, sane person would have it, i.e., down over the top and from the front. Do you think such a person would score at a high level on a psychopathy test? What is your opinion?

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Joke is on you, I do not even have a roller.

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I think you have never had a toddler or a puppy or a kitten.

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canidmajor: If you mean me, then, no, pretty much I have not—thank the Universe!

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Well, then (yes, @noitall, I meant you) enjoy your ordered and absurdly uninteresting life. :-)

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I do. But it’s neither that ordered nor uninteresting at all!. I’m a amateur (on my own time) and professional scientist and read and study the natural sciences and mathematics most of my free time, spin natural theories, write, etc.. Being insatiably curious, I’m pretty much fascinated all the time by both the natural universe and history and society and its hijinx. (Sorry if you’re not, canidmajor: honestly, really sorry for you!) And having your puppies and toddlers around would more than mess that nearly ideal situation up!

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I would say this question is a bit tongue in cheek but given the subject matter, probably ot a good idea for this OP.

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Sorry you didn’t understand the point of the little smiley face, @noitall.

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—Edit “not.”—

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It closest to wall when, you have “devil crazy cat”. We had one that would empty the roll in nothing flat if you put the roll with the paper comic down the front.

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Difficult to draw conclusions. It could be merely a matter of not paying attention- a one off event. Or perhaps whoever is responsible is indifferent to over and under. I doubt if I would notice.

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How would anyone determine those murderer percentages?

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@stanleybmanly How would anyone determine those murderer percentages?

A sample size of at least 35 mass murderers would ensure that sampling error was low enough for valid statistical inference.

For a couple of reasons the rolls should be handed to the mass murderers through the bars for them to attach to the holder.

Video of the results could of course be marketed to a range of enthusiasts.

Calculate the average style and use the normal distribution approximation to the binomial to calculate the validity of a one tailed hypothesis at the desired level of confidence.

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People with cats and toddlers do it that way. Temporarily – until the cats are trained and the kids move out of the house.

We know the only correct way is over the top. Who wants to use toilet parer that has rubbed against the wall.? Ick! Feh!

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Over the front, so you don’t have to go hunting for where is the end.
If you have cats or toddlers you can flatten the roll some before putting it on the roller so that it doesn’t just spin and spin and spin.

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