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What are some good tricks to help your eyes after, and during, a long time online and reading?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13876points) 2 weeks ago

From eye drops to taking a break every twenty minutes. What works for you?

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Every twenty minutes stare at an object twenty feet away for twenty seconds.

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Sleeeeeep. And take a day to go outside and not look at any screens.

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Periodically look up and outside so you eyes have a chance to focus at a distance. Get up and move away from the screen.
Eye strain is a sign you are staring at something too much. Move.

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There’s a free program you can download called FLUX. It turns your screen orange when it gets dark to ease the strain on your eyes when using your pc at night.

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Take a nap. Go out and/or stare on a green plant at least a lil far from you for at least 10 mins. And stay away from screens for at least 30mins. or an hour.

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