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Can one make a scholarship for anything?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17114points) March 7th, 2019

For example can one donate $300 with the requirements are that you must be failing at least one class? Can you give us some examples of weird scholarships and grants?

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I’ve never thought about it; but since it’s your own money, I would think you can apply any restrictions you wish!!! My question would be…WHY would you want to give money to someone NOT willing to apply themselves & make their life…or the world…better???

Read here for weird 2019 Scholarships

Although I could NEVER win it, I love the Dr Pepper $100,000 Scholarship. It’s their money to use as they see fit!!!

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A scholarship is when you give a student some money, directly or indirectly, any reason or no reason.

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Yes, you can create a scholarship for any legal criteria. (You can’t give away a scholarship for people who will have sex with you, or for committing a crime.)

But it’s highly doubtful that the financial aid office of an institution of higher learning would direct students to scholarships that run counter to the academic goal.

And, if you are going to give money to someone who will be put on academic probation, you better be willing to make it worthwhile. $300 is not much when a class can cost north of $750 to $1,000.

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I get where you are going with that.
I believe you are thinking of how someone who really wants it could get help to get through college even if one class gets tanked.
The problem is, if that class is one that will make a difference in the workplace later, it would be defeating the purpose of a college education.

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