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How much trouble can I get in for posting this video?

Asked by CrusoeStudio (155points) March 7th, 2019

I’m making a video describing the process of installing and patching specrasonics omnisphere 2. The program is pirated and while I don’t explain how/where to download or that pirating is condoned. I still show how to do the lengthy and over complicated problem. My question is: How much trouble can I get in for posting the video explaining how to pirate a software? I understand that it’s a grey area I’m just looking for some direction as to what kind of trouble I’ll get into

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If you were doing something like that about something I created, I would:

1. Report you to YouTube or Vimeo or wherever you publish your video.
2. Report you to the FBI.
3. Work on getting you banned from as many sites as possible.

You know it is a douche-bag move you are proposing. Don’t be a douche-bag,

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“I understand that it’s a grey area…”

Not really. It’s pretty black and white.

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Why are you making this video? To make money? If you make any substantial money then be prepared to defend yourself in court. If you are doing this just for fun and receive no money then you’ll likely just get a slap on the wrist with a warning email (from YouTube) to not do it and or a total block of your video.

YouTube may allow your video as long as they post adds in it.

Have fun!

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It’s probably a question you’d be best to ask an attorney.

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Youtube now has software that searches for pirated videos. They will close your account & ban you from ever posting anything else on their site. I believe that it’s up to the original poster as to whether or not you will be prosecuted.

Are you not smart enough to create your own content???

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