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Will Paul Manafort die in prison?

Asked by elbanditoroso (25162points) 2 weeks ago

He’s sentenced to just under four years. But there seems to be a major backlash by the legal community that the sentences was outrageously light.

And apparently his gout is acting up.

Will he survive prison?

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Do you think he’s going to commit suicide? People live with gout all of the time.

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Him dying in prison in 4 short years is highly goutful.

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Gout isn’t exactly pancreatic cancer.

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Maybe the magic 8 ball will tell us.

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Trump must have made a call to the judge give him 10 % of the recommended time. J.K.

But really !

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Let’s see if Trump pardons him

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In another damning verdict on Manafort Trump has called him “a good person”.

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Yet another reason why the public doesn’t trust the “system.”

Clearly, there are different standards for some…

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He’ll be pardoned and released.

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Gout doesn’t kill you…it’s just so freakin painful that you wish you were dead!!!

Had he received the 25 years, he might not of made it out; but 4 years should be a picnic IF he ever makes it into jail, it will be one of those country club locations!!!

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I figure that someone will off him. Maybe paid by Trump so he doesn’t tell secrets. Or maybe offed by some white trash who lost his job and turned to crime..

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