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Did Senator Warren just lose any chance she had of winning the presidency?

Asked by elbanditoroso (25160points) 2 weeks ago

Her idea: break up Google, Facebook, and Amazon. The three most successful companies in America.


She lost my vote. Breaking up successful companies is idiocy. Regulate them, sure. Force them to break up? Nutty.

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She always seemed pretty nutty coo coo to me. Especially with her claim to Native American.

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She’s not at all the first to suggest the Big Three break up. Google and Amazon both want to become major players in banking, too. A lot of their behavior is reminiscent of the Trusts of the early 20th century.

It actually makes her run at the presidency gain some traction with me.

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The Bell Telecom System was broken up back i the 1970’s because it had reached monopoly status. They screamed bloody murder that they couldn’t survive. Now the Bell system is known as Bell South, AT&T, & a few other names depending on the area you live in.& they NEVER missed a day of being in business!!! I think that Bell Canada is part of the original Bell Telecom network but I could be wrong on that one. Regardless, all 3 mentioned are established well enough that they would be back under a different name & grow back to gigantic proportions!!!

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Amazon has been successful at driving retail out of business and is now entering the retail market on their own. I see them as (almost) pure evil. Google I have a personal fondness for but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be regulated more and certainly Facebook should. I think she’s saying more oversight is needed.

I find her ideas generally well thought out and expressed. The Native American debacle was certainly poorly handled but not a deal breaker for me.

However, I am watching and waiting to see how the campaigns evolve.

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I, for one, am not too keen on living under the heel of OmniCorp.
And the Mafia was a pretty successful enterprise, too.

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This is good. I’d prefer to nationalize the companies, but this is a good start. :)

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Why would this deter voters?

Jeff Bezos is one of the worst CEO’s in the country, and Mark Zuckerberg isn’t popular at the moment. The only people who might hate this are elitist republicans and democrats

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And, given the President’s animus towards Jeff Bezos, any opinions by Warren on breaking up Amazon will likely be seen as a magnanimous bipartisan effort.

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Didn’t the feds make Gates break up Micro- soft a while back?

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I didn’t think Trump had a chance. He seemed to try to find ways to make himself look worse, day by day. Now he is the sitting POTUS.

Apparently, you can’t count anyone out…

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Personally I think most of the Dem contenders blew their chances by buying into AOC’s New Green Deal. This is just one more thing.

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@SQUEEKY2 They tried, and then found out that Microsoft was wealthier and more powerful in real terms, and so backed off.

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I don’t think so.

I imagine lost votes would tend to be mostly people who wouldn’t vote for her anyway. I’d be more concerned about having endorsed Clinton before Sanders was out of the 2016 primary, because that shifted many people’s favorable opinions (who thought her level of mainstream obedience was low enough to resist the pressure to endorse Clinton over Sanders).

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I have never liked her and for me she is one step above Bernie, who is one step above Trump in my list. But if she were nominated and running against Trump I will have her lawn sign.

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She made a major mistake in overestimating the intellectual carrying capacity of the public. The breakup of AT&T was the last gasp from those familiar with the guilded age, and all utilization of antitrust measures evaporated alongside them. Warren faces the same problem (though not nearly acute) as Bernie, in that people either lack or choose to neglect the processing tools required in tracking anything beyond the barest of intellectual concepts. Warren is headed for the political ash heap with the suggestion that a leash be snapped on technology conglomerates. The steps required to arrive at her conclusions are deemed not worthy of the effort for the minority capable of it, and this tendency is only exacerbated by a near universal lack of historical perspective. Thus, any effort to convince the public that Amazon’s obliteration of the retail industry might prove onerous for them and their country is useless against the proven luxuries of never having to leave the house, walk in the rain, ride a squalid bus, or stand in a checkstand line.

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@SQUEEKY2 They did not break up Microsoft, but there were a couple of US antitrust settlements in the 1990s and 2000s. At one point they tried to break up the company but it never came close to happening.

The EU had similar settlements, fining Microsoft $1.4 billion.

Seattle Times – May 11, 2011 – Long antitrust saga ends for Microsoft

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I hate it that the u popped up in gilded. How does whatever correcting the spelling on this phone not recognize gild as legitimate?

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Government oversight in business is a slippery slope. You can easily not use those companies-products after all. Her statement sounds like govt overreach, so not a selling point for my vote.

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NONE of the dems excite me…I’m keeping an open mind until I see who is serious enough to remain standing at voting time. I’m also praying that the reps will dump trump for something better…as long as it’s NOT pence!!!

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@LadyMarissa I would even vote for Pence over Trump.

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@Caravan The man who passed some of the most anti LGBTQ legislation ever? Yikes, he even scares me, more than Trump!

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I don’t love Warren anyway. Did she ruin her chances with this idea? I don’t know. I immediately thought of Ma Bell like other jellies here.

I find it funny that Trump, and other Republicans, talk about competition to bring down healthcare prices, and talk about competition in general in the free market in many industries,, and then they will probably say Warren is horrible for pointing out the monopolies and oligopolies in America are taking advantage of the public.

I’m not so sure Amazon is, since it’s a platform for the average person to buy and sell, but Microsoft and Apple really bother me. Google is terrifying in many ways. I’m not even sure how you break up Facebook??

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@KNOWITALL Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of Pence. I can’t stand the guy. But I would take him over Trump.

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An informal review of the responses shows no one really changed their opinion of Warren positively or negatively.

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@Caravan k you must see something I dont. Everyone I know except the strictest evangelicals are terrified of him.

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@KNOWITALL Sure. Me too. But at least he’s a normal politician who won’t actively use our country to enrich himself and destroy everything in his wake. But it’s a non-issue. He won’t run against Trump, even if Trump dumps him. And if he did he wouldn’t get the nomination.

At the moment I have pipe dreams for Bill Weld and I would even switch parties to vote for him if he ran, but no way he can beat Trump.

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Hearing Warren explain this herself has changed my mind. She is simply advocating an even playing field so amazon cant buy a bottle of you hot sauce and sell it cheaper on page 1, while you go out of business on page 6. Makes sense. Her analogy is you cant be an umpire and team owner both.

She also did not say the Dem money from Silicon Valley would be turned down, when asked directly.

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