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I might go grocery shopping, when it warms up at 2pm, can you suggest items to buy?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24147points) March 10th, 2019

My list so far:
8 liters of 3% milk
Lots of chicken legs with back attacked with Kraft BBQ sauce
Mitchells slab of gourmet bacon
Lots of eggs
Swansons beef pies.
Coke a Cola
Fruits and veggies
Maybe a lottery ticket?
Maybe a rotisserie chicken? If no legs with back attached.

So what would you add? I only have one duffel bag and a backpack (for the milk).

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Adding summer sausage. Maybe juice. I will check the meat section for good beef, pork and chicken.

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Scrap everything on the list except:
– eggs
– yogurt (only get plain greek)
– fruits and veggies
– rotisserie chicken

Add some lettuce to that list and you can have a few days of chicken with salad. Add your own fresh or frozen berries to the yogurt if you prefer.

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@hmmmmmm I am sick so will order out KFC chicken with gravy in 2 hours. Thanks Anyway.

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Bread. Potatoes. Flour. Butter.

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@all slept in and didn’t order out. Will see what my meal is , from meals on wheels, and found some pancake mix.

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Ditch the Swansons beef pies, bacon, and soda. Those things are mostly fat, too much processing and salt, and empty calories. These items are low on nutrition.

Add: a loaf of whole grain bread (keep that in your freezer, and pull out a couple of slices the night before to thaw), a jar of peanut butter, a block of jack or cheddar cheese, a head of any kind of lettuce except iceberg (which has the lowest nutrient content), some canned soups (tomato, minestrone, vegetable beef, split pea, navy bean, do not buy cream soups which are full of fat), some canned beans (pinto, white, kidney), a fresh head of garlic, some tomatoes (fresh and canned), fruit (a bag of frozen berries, an orange, a couple of apples, a couple of bananas), a bag of dried pasta, a jar of tomato based pasta sauce, a bag or can of unsalted, or lightly salted almonds or walnuts, a head of cauliflower (or a bag of fresh mixed veggies), a box of regular black tea bags, and a box of regular oatmeal.

The point of all of my picks is to give you the most nutritious bang for your buck, and to give you options to mix and match.

You can make different kinds of pasta dishes, with your chicken, and tomatoes, and red pasta sauce, and veggies, and cheese. You can even make Asian-style noodles with the peanut butter and garlic.

Here is an Asian peanut noodle recipe (you can make the sauce with just peanut butter, a little bit of vinegar, and some chopped garlic) :

You can add chicken, or broccoli, or cauliflower to the Asian noodles, or even a fried egg.

You can add chicken and veggies to your canned soup.

You can make soup, burritos, and dip with the canned beans. Or add some beans to your salad.

You can eat fresh fruit by itself, mix it with the yogurt into smoothies, or eat it with pancakes or waffles, or oatmeal.

You can make cheese, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. You can make peanut butter sandwiches with jelly, or bananas. You can have toast with peanut butter. You can make a fried egg sandwich with cheese.

You can also make baked eggs with tomato sauce :
(You can use your whole wheat toast instead of a baguette, and use your chicken instead of sausage).

The key to good nutrition, and delicious food, is to buy foods that are nutrient dense, and versatile, so that you don’t end up eating the exact same dish every single day.

Everything that I have mentioned is economical, and easy. You don’t have to be a chef, but you do have to do a little planning ahead.

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I figure bacon is the least fattening of pork products (which are the most fattening of meats) as long as you fry the fat away, which I do.

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I suspect that pork chops are less fattening than bacon, and not loaded up with preservatives, like nitrites.

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You are right, of course. Pound for uncooked pound a pork chop is a lot less fattening. But a pork chop is a lot bigger than several slices of bacon. I guess it would depend on how much of each you ate. I figure you’d have to eat at least a pound of cooked bacon (figure 2 pounds of uncooked bacon to equal 1 pound of cooked bacon) to equal one pork chop in bulk. I’m just guessing though.

Speaking of, I’m going to go get me a bacon Brioche from Sonic in a minute. I have fallen in love with those sandwiches!

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Not buying anymore pop or milk. Will try caffeinated teas with 2–4 sugar cubes.

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Adding sugar to your tea defeats the purpose. You might as well just drink soda. Adding sugar to food and drinks, make those foods and drinks less nutritious.

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Why would you stop buying milk? Or pop for that reason?

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@Dutchess_III Milk sometimes makes me sick. My worker wants me to stop drinking pop. Just a experiment to see if my health improves.

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@Kardamom two sugar cubes is drasticly less sugar than a Coke.

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You can learn to prefer unsweetened tea.

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^ This! @RedDeerGuy1 – You’d be surprised how quickly your body will adjust if you cut out all sugar. If you do 2 weeks of minimal carbs and no sugar, your body and taste buds will be unable to tolerate sugar.

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@hmmmmmm Yes. You are right. I can’t eat chocolate covered doughnuts anymore. The craving is gone. I will continue to cut out sugar. @Dutchess_III Thanks I will lower the sugar as I can. I don’t want diabetes.

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I tried eating one of those Cherry Mash candies that I used to gobble down as a kid. OMG. One bite and it was total sugar overload!

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Educate yourself @RedDeerGuy1. Things are not always as they seem.
One time Rick had a large banana-strawberry smoothy from McDonalds. He offered me a sip. I said, “Hell no! I bet there are 400 calories in that drink!”
He said,“It’s a smoothy! Banana and strawberry smoothy. It’s healthy for you.”
I looked it up. Yep, and they added a boat ton of sugar and a boat ton of fat in the way of yogurt to it.

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