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Are there any products (merchandise, food / grocery items) that have been DISCONTINUED and OUT OF PRODUCTION that you once liked?

Asked by Yellowdog (6775points) 2 weeks ago

Many items of merchandise and grocery items you once purchased and used regularly but are now out of production and unavailable

This is particularly true of food items, but also true of household goods, cosmetics, other merchandise.

What are some of YOUR favorite items that are out of production and unavailable?

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Taco Tico is on the verge of going extinct. It is my favorite fast food Mexican.

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Coca-Cola quit making ‘Coke Life’ ( “Green cokes”)

They are still around but hard to find. They were discontinued in January.

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Yes, there used to be a vegan tuna alternative called Tuno. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s used to carry it. It was a Canadian product and the company stopped making it.

It had a nice flavor and texture and you could use it for sandwiches, burritos, tacos and all sorts if things.

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Vaguely flying saucer shaped yoghurt with a toy in the centre.

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Not sure if they were ever marketed outside of a few midwestern states, but I loved the Ozark brand BBQ potato chips. They were made by a St. Louis-based company named Kas. Haven’t seen them since, perhaps, the early ‘90s.

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Great Shakes, a product to mix with milk from the ‘60s that I enjoyed very much.

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A lipstick color called alloy. I don’t remember if it was Lancone or MAC.

I have another lipstick that’s a more “normal” shade by Lancôme, I don’t know the name anymore though.

Cheesecake Factory’s vegetable quesadillas. Like no other roasted veggie quesadilla, they were so good. Also their chicken medallion used to be made differently, and it was much better the old way, although I did change out the mashed potatoes for rice.

Royal Dark and Sweet stove top pudding. The Jello brand Cook and Serve chocolate is close, but not really the same. Also, Royal Cook and Serve butterscotch.

Automat macaroni and cheese. Of course that goes down in history. I haven’t had it since a child, but I have great memories of it. One day I’ll try the recipe for it that I’ve seen online.

I love the candy Peanut Chews, but it is not discontinued, just extremely difficult to find. You have to go to stores that carry candy classics.

When I lived in Memphis there was a mountain of items I couldn’t get in the grocery store, because either the distributors out there didn’t carry them or the grocery stores just didn’t buy them. The result was basically the same as having an item discontinued, I couldn’t get the items I wanted. Some items I found on the Navy base in Millington, but I only went when my parents were in town, which was once or twice a year.

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Creamola Foam, Olde English flavour Spangles and Black Jacks which once sold four for a penny.

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Nike LDV shoes… one of their first running shoes with a waffle sole.
They were light and cushy and had great traction. I must have gone through eight pair before they stopped making that model.

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