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What does seven days and six nights mean?

Asked by JessieEvans (15points) 2 weeks ago


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A day and a night, six times, and then one more day. For example, you check in on Sunday and stay Sunday night through Friday night, and then you leave on Saturday.

If I were thinking in terms of vacation, I’d consider that to be a stay of five real days, the days in between the six nights, since the first and last day are going to be mostly concerned with coming and going.

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^ That is how I look at it as well. “7 days 6 nights” is 5 solid days of holiday.

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I agree with the above, unless the vacation spot is less than a 4 hour drive, and I can spend part of the first or last day actually enjoying myself on vacation. If it’s a flight or rail, and I need to spend time getting to the transportation with cushion time for good measure, basically the majority of the day is usually shot.

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You have to check out on day 7 & are NOT allowed to stay that night.Check out time is usually early in the day so they can get the room cleaned & ready for the next occupant who gets about ½ a day plus that night that begins their 7 days/6 nights. Technically, day 7 is split between ½ day on sign in & ½ day on check out; so, it’s NOT actually a full day. Although I understand why they do it, I always feel ripped off for the extra day as you don’t have time on either end to do much of anything except take care of business!!!

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Most hotels you can use the facilities on the day of check in and check out even if you don’t have your room yet or checked out already. Often there is a luggage room they will keep your luggage in and you can start your vacation.

If you travel a lot with the same hotel brand and have their rewards program, you can usually get early check in and late check out.

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The 7 days & 6 nights means that you can spend 6 nights in the hotel and 7 days. Suppose you check in Monday, then you have to check out on Sunday without night stay. So Sunday will be your 7th day and Saturday will be your 6th night.

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